The nine circles of hell, “the Seventh Studio”: the arrest of Sophia Apfelbaum caused fear

The closer the presidential elections, the more actively the fight against corruption. Under this slogan, live the last months. Another achievement: detained six suspects in the case, “the Seventh Studio” directed by Kirill Serebrennikov.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

For the high-sounding phrase immediately raises the image of the villain, who just fangs with blood drips. In fact, this person involved is a young, interesting, touching woman, the mother of 13-year-old son Sophia Apfelbaum. Her only fault that she worked in the Ministry of culture and its Department entered into a contract on behalf of the Ministry of culture on the transfer of money to the project “Platform”. On their own, and according to the decree of the Russian Government, where black and white was written — to whom, how much and why: the development of modern art, Kirill Serebrennikov. That Apfelbaum was doing, and then, accordingly, the service user was taking reports from employees, “the Seventh Studio”. Now it is blamed for negligence with these reporting documents. So on Thursday, she was arrested and spent the night in the detention center, on Friday sent under house arrest.

What did the young clerk that she needed to be isolated from society, work colleagues and family? What are these atrocities and unpredictable actions can be expected from her? Sophia Apfelbaum, who after working in the Ministry of culture became the Director of Ramtha, honestly carried out their duties. The ones that are prescribed in an office instruction. A very important point to understand about the fact: until 2014, the internal regulations (orders of the Ministry of culture) reporting of allocated grants provided to grantees provided estimates, the reports, pictures from events, videos, and other promotional products. In 2014 the rules have been amended and to the existing requirements was added — accounts, contracts, invoices, and so on. Therefore, all charges Apfelbaum of negligence unreasonable: she acted in the framework of existing instructions.

Moreover, occupying the post of head of Department in the Ministry, she could not verify the authenticity of the documents, as it could do experienced accountant and auditor. After all, fiscal discipline is the concern of other departments: the Ministry of Finance, audit chamber, etc. But it is it is imputed. Not nonsense it? It is still now to ask any artistic Director for the quality of products purchased for theatrical buffet, only on the grounds that this is a buffet in the theater. You can also ask any Minister for the work of the transportation Department — he is, after all, subordinate to the Ministry of…

The absurdity of multiplying, expanding the area of capture and scattering in the theater, and the already nervous environment fear: tomorrow will come to you! And even if the head works honestly, do not violate the instructions, it was not immune to the arrival of unexpected guests and call in the UK.

Fear is a proven tool, and the harder it’s applied, the more suspicion society. This tool is flawlessly acted in the XX century, especially after 1917, and operated in the twenty-first. Then, and now it looks zhivoderskie middle of the night take nine hours of taking; taken in the morning, and at night in a detention facility. What message we want to send power and power structures? You are all loathsome creature?..

And by the way, expanding the search area for the worst corrupt culture, you can go to that person (or group of persons) who at the time had decreed a generous disbursement Kirill Serebrennikov on the development of his case.

Whose, by the way, the signature under the document?

That’s right: the Prime Minister.

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