“The Pentagon chief visited the Korean demilitarized zone

Washington. 27 Oct. INTERFAX – the U.S. Secretary of defense Jim Mattis, located in South Korea, visited the demilitarized zone separating the two Koreas, told the Associated Press from the event. According to the Agency, the graying of zone j.Mattis “shows solidarity” with South Korea.

The Pentagon chief before the visit stated that the administration of President Donald trump is in favor of solving the North Korean issue through diplomatic means, however, ready to military action in case the DPRK will not abandon the development of its missile and nuclear programs. Further improvement of rocket-nuclear potential of North Korea threatens the United States, including providing the possibility of a DPRK missile attack, possibly nuclear.

Earlier, the head of the CIA Mike Pompeo claimed that North Korea just a few months, developments in the nuclear field in order to be able to attack the United States.

As the Associated Press, two facts argue in favor of what Washington intends to resolve the issue of North Korea through diplomacy and escalation of economic and political pressure on her.

So, on the eve, the US imposed new sanctions against 10 North Korean representatives and organizations. In addition, the U.S. planned in the Asian part of the Pacific large-scale military exercises with the participation of three aircraft carrier shock groups.
Earlier, the defence Ministry of South Korea said that during the visit, Mattis South Korean counterpart, sung-Yong Mu “thoroughly discuss” the issues of threats from North Korea and coordination of appropriate responses, including “extended confrontation”.

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