The running detective: who wants to deprive Moscow Central Hippodrome

A wide sky, the cry of a rooster, the clatter of hooves — between the Third transport and the Leningrad hid an amazing piece of Moscow.

Alien, the first time to enter the city, seen from the front and said, “This is a Great theatre?”

No, this Central Moscow Hippodrome. The oldest in Russia.

He was going to deprive the heart of stables and horses, and on this place to build a house, underground Parking, offices.

photo: Alex geldings

Racecourse Jogging area — a monument of cultural heritage, it is in the official roster, and all of its territory — a buffer zone.

CMR was founded in 1834. The world’s first “trotting” race. Bred count Orlov trotters, the breed was a symbol of Russia until supercali cars on the streets.

Next came the second racetrack — the racehorse (galloping on horseback and trotters participate in the run with the trucks, rocking).

Laid on the large Khodynka field, the Hippodrome has grown gazebos, magnificent stands — their complex compared with the Paris Opera. The audience came here on holiday: the costumes, the passion, the stakes, the excitement!

When the son of a Huge and Yoke orlovets ‘ Beefy lost to canadian GM to H, it was the worst defeat of the USSR hockey team in the final.

Breeders competed in the construction as well as their horses on the track. The rich man Mantashev built a stable is a Palace in the style of Viennese Baroque. Next door he built a House Racing community for inveterate lovers of horse racing — the architect Zholtovsky, with “antique” frieze, luxurious finish. Both buildings now look terrible.

And before the noisy end of November, in the parks along the St. Petersburg highway glowed in the window of the dacha. One of them Mr. writer wrote a terrible story about the future of the capital will overflow with people and horses, horse manure will kill people…

The Bolsheviks were worse than manure. From the stands of the Hippodrome, by the way, Lenin spoke.

In 1949, the grandstand burned, aged Zholtovsky designed the new building. Perfect proportions, moldings, and murals. Scale!

Upstairs again raised the saved from the fire of the bronze Quadriga, the work of Klodt, Jr. — grandson Klodt, who sculpted a Quadriga for the Big one.

By the way, the restoration of the Bolshoi theater in Soviet times sponsored the race track — so good he earned.

And then all woke up in another country, she declined, the Racecourse with her.

Investigation is conducted by ordinary people

Rumors that developers are sharpening their teeth on the ground of the Moscow Hippodrome, appeared, then faded since the nineties. After all, the Hippodrome is a large farm and stables, paddocks. Dozens of hectares. But in such a tasty place!

CYS was the Federal state unitary enterprise. By Decree of President Medvedev in 2011, became a public company.

JSC “Roppokai” after Moscow entered the race tracks in different regions. 100% of the shares from the state.

The creation of the JSC was to help the national horse breeding and horse breeding plants. Because running and racing is not just a sight, bet. The main thing is testing that reveal the best of the breed. But big profits “Roppokai” is not received. Or pretended that did not.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

And recently over the Running sound of thunder. The villagers saw on the website some architectural firms Master’s Plan “the Concept of development of the Central Moscow Hippodrome”.

Images were horrified: in the buffer zone of the monument instead of the stables seem to fit the domische up to a height of twenty-one (!) floor. Plus the business center-tower. Floors 40. Plus a couple of new routes. The customer concept was not something falling from a tall oak developers, and self JSC “Roppokai”.

The project’s Master plan: built everything except the circle for horses, a historical building in the background. Photo: social networks

Imagine that instead of the last quiet, green space in the area will be SUCH that it was impossible even in the most terrible dream. Activists trot rushed to send requests. The Moscow’s Department said: “preliminary concept of the reconstruction of CYS provides for the removal of the main part of the existing stables of the economy outside the Central part of Moscow.

The vacant (approximately 18 hectares) and adjacent areas of the Racecourse in the joint security area No. 262 offers the following capital construction objects: children’s riding school, veterinary clinic, a chapel and a multi-residential complex with underground Parking, hotel for horsemen and jockeys, the guest stables, underground Parking, new bleachers, recreational and Park area”.

Especially the residents of a residential complex, a hotel and underground Parking with the chapel. However, the Moscow’s Department said: the new land use regime of the Racecourse and the town planning regulations which would allow construction to be developed.

Apparently, this is the project that was sent to JSC “Roppokai” is on consideration in the Moscow government. Photo: social networks

HELP “MK”: “the Order of approval of project new construction or renovation in Moscow.

Step 1. The developer or investor submits to the municipality or the Prefecture a letter with a petition of intent to implement the project.

Step 2. The Committee, represented by the Chief architectural and planning administration is preparing a package of documents: the town-planning conclusion; conclusion for engineering support; conclusion of ecological expertise; calculation of payments.

Step 3. Obtaining the approval of the Department of cultural heritage. It is essential if construction or renovation affects the cultural heritage.

Step 4. Consideration of the draft conclusions with all the Urban development and land Commission. It approves the draft or returns it for revision.”

Poison sauce

“Roppokai” when the uproar, denied the project Master’s Рlan with a 21-storey buildings — say, anything they did not order, the mistake came.

They changed the already signed General Director of JSC “Roppokai” Nikolai Isakov response to the query “MK” — said the Secretary got it wrong, gave the wrong page. In the first response they discussed the three options of “development”. And that the project is directed on consideration in the Moscow government and the Board of Directors of PJSC “Gazprom”.

With the “updated” page response “Gazprom” has disappeared. Now g-n Isakov has informed: the project is aimed at the government of Moscow and the Board of Directors of AOA “Roppokai”. Developed not three, but two options. In the first variant — reconstruction of the main building and the stands, repair running and race tracks, stables management. Oh, poskromnichal. After all, the picture it painted, and a new administrative building, Parking in the middle of the circle on which the competing horses, a huge multifunctional building.

“The second variant — the construction of a training center within 1.5–2 hours drive from the CMH and the transfer of part of the stable economy, wrote “Roppokai”. — Vacant on 18 hectares will remain stable at 200-250 heads, the construction of the children’s equestrian school and a 12.5 hectare equestrian Park, where residents and guests of Moscow will be able to join the interaction with horses and horseback ride.

In addition, in the case of lack of investors to provide funding for this project, the option envisages the construction of several houses and hotels”.

“Roppokai” is again too modest. Park Park — by the way, all the experts say that citizens cannot be put to thoroughbred horses, it is dangerous for those and others, but why in the picture it painted for another office (!), a business center and six high-rise buildings with underground Parking?

In General, one thing is clear: JSC “Roppokai” is served development projects, CMS as well as serving in the tavern rotten pork — Bay for the kind of “tasty” sauce.

Union angry neighbors

Residents Jogging, “horseman”, all who care about the Racecourse and its history, decided to fight the attack.

The poet Vitaly Stanza expressed his feelings:

And yesterday, as in a clear sky thunder,

Thundered a new message

That ought to build up the racetrack

While the stables and green — snesti!

Yes, the developer otgrohali floors

Drove Milen in the concrete, —

But tell me, who is going to live

Killed in my area?

Defenders of the Racecourse have created groups in social networks (the largest on Facebook, “Protect Moscow Hippodrome!”, it consists of 2 400 people), ten days gathered on a petition against the building of a few thousand “paper” signatures and 16,000 electronic, turn into reception of the mayor of Moscow and the President.

“The collective eye” of activists watching any news around the Hippodrome: they will analyze them instantly share.

To observe how the Muscovites are organized from below and borrow the experience of activists from other areas, is extremely interesting.

Of the weavers, for example, cross-country suggest how to properly execute the signature. From the Airport — where is the best place to collect them. Many come from other parts of Moscow to help local activists.

The prospect of death, CMS was forced to become a signature collectors, distributors of leaflets or visitor reception Putin on Ilyinka people who had never been involved in anything like that.

Probably because the people has risen, that in the history of the racetrack has no semitones. But only black and white, good and evil…

The last meeting of the Council of municipal deputies Jogging done in the area of a lot of noise. Architect Zoya Andrianova, the new independent MP, announced that he will make to the Council of deputies the question of the racetrack. (Independent deputies in the running of all three.)

People, of course, wanted to come listen. Someone first time in my life. And immediately faced with the “democratic” rules of the Board. Not later than a day (!) before the meeting you need to come personally with a passport or certificate of ownership, and leave the Secretary “a written statement of desire to be present”.

The activist came to enroll, and asked her: “do You have a question you want to hear?”

“About race.”

“We will not accept your statement that this question is not in the agenda!”

And got kicked out. Imagine the level?!

But the “collective eye” follows: to the call in social networks ran the district lawyers, the activists and threatened with prosecution. After this all recorded, and started like a Champ.

However, the Council of municipal deputies of the district Running to accept complaints against the construction of the racetrack was gone. A great majority decided “not to drive horses.” first, to send requests and to receive “as much information as possible”.

Resident of the area asked from the audience: while flying queries, do not build the is the racetrack?

In response, the Chairman of the Board of deputies, United Russia, Mr. Adams angrily said: “I am not God and not a prophet to say what will happen tomorrow.”

The voters recorded on video and just threw in the Network. Was a great success.

So the Central Moscow Hippodrome is now a “litmus” object for Moscow and all of Russia…

“Killed the horse business”

But maybe the project of relocation of stables from the track to the fresh air, the grass pleases the breeders and horse owners?

According to Director of Moscow stud Yuri Prokhorov, any of the existing projects of the reconstruction of the Racecourse will result in a complete collapse of the Russian horse-breeding.

Now at the track constantly lives and trains more than 700 horses. 435 of them — Orlov trotters. They are under threat of destruction.

Orlovsky horse-universal flies, not runs. Suitable for race tracks, and for the mounted police and for the army. But the security forces are buying these foals are very few — expensive, and not fashionable already. So the only niche that I can now take these horses, the life and work at the racetrack.

However, the four-legged racers earn less than they spend breeder. At best racehorse champion horse racing can earn 400 thousand a year. In the past year to achieve such a result could only one horse. Annual winning the rest can barely cover the cost of their own content for the month. The average is 30 thousand rubles. This amount includes costs for riders, grooms, veterinarians, oats and hay.

Even if the horse generally earns nothing, it is still interesting to us from the point of view of breeding, — says Prokhorov. — Now in Russia about 800 mares, trotters, they still have enough for breeding. But this is still not enough. The content of the horses lies entirely on the shoulders of the breeders. In all countries, where the development of horse breeding, their homegrown rock produced a lot of preferences, it is national pride. We have this approach no…

The current management plans of “Roppokai” for the building, which serves as the sole source of earnings — no investors, let’s sell the property, the experts called dash with disastrous consequences.

The same maneuvers with the building already killed the horse business in other cities. In Samara on the place of treadmills made for the Parking of cars. Perm is the stables built shopping center. There, the developer promised to move the stables to another area, but nothing was accomplished.

It is necessary not to build up the land of the Racecourse and tidy stables, they are really in poor condition, said the former Director of the Moscow Hippodrome Vasily Panchenko. But now no one to do it The current management contracts with tenants for 11 months. It’s done over the years, since the creation of “Roppokai” and with one goal — to be able at any moment to throw the horse owners if these lands will come from the developer.

If you have a lease for five years, and you regularly perform the obligations of the lessee, no one has the right to evict from the stables even on the court. And now we all the years of sitting on their suitcases. Who in such conditions will be something to repair and restore? Enough that we pay the utilities, and the management of the Racecourse — no. But they constantly say that they have debts and land must be sold.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Another issue that scares breeders — the dismissal of employees of the racetrack. Salary grooms and riders and so not getting fat. But each piece specialist, and other such not to find. If you demolish the stables and move them outside the Moscow ring road, the staff just did not pull daily trips from the city and back.

The practice “race, and competitions in the city — the stables outside the city” is widely distributed in Europe, — said Yuri Prokhorov. — This idea and impose now developers. But they modestly silent about the fact that the European racetracks are always located in the suburbs and never in the city centre. There from a logistics standpoint, no questions arise. In Moscow the situation is quite different. To transport a horse cross-country for Moscow in the morning or afternoon will take 2-3 or even four hours.

For breeders, this will result in new costs for the services of drivers, the rental of special vehicles. Plus from the machine the horse will be under stress and fatigue. In addition, all foreign racetracks, even if they are located in the city, always surrounded by a full-fledged Park with dense rows of trees. To cut down trees and build up — it means to deprive of fresh air not only residents of the area, and horses. And in the sweltering heat and stress of the capital’s traffic jams Trotter fine to run can not. As a result, even on the minimum prize breeders will have to forget.

To say that the condition of the Racecourse deplorable, not to say anything, — adds the head of the equestrian club “Pradar” Vita Kozlova. — We have not fully prize horse-breeding industry. In all developed countries is a highly profitable sector of the economy. The leaders are Hong Kong, Japan, USA and France. Leaps and bounds is developing Turkey and China. All these countries runs a single algorithm for prize-winning horse breeding and racing. And we are once again trying to invent a multiplication table…

— The basis of this algorithm is based on a unique world-class races. They had a few years ago to appear in Russia. That’s what has been created “Roppokai”. However, the organization seems to exist, but standards are still there, — said Kozlov. — As a result of the run, pursued by the Russian hippodromes, of any country in the world have no weight. The horse at the end of these races do not receive any international rankings.

Our horse racing and racing an outlaw for the rest of the world. We are only interested in ourselves…

“Lost the beauty”

Architects and local activists also criticized the project of reconstruction of the racetrack: any new development will spoil a unique monument of architecture and will affect the district as a whole.

“It turns out that the health of the nation and no one cares, — outraged the President of the Union of architects of Russia Nikolay Shumakov. — On one small patch of land in Moscow has existed for decades and functioned unique sports facilities. This Dynamo with its swimming pool and the Stadium of the young pioneers with their fields, stands and classic architecture. Now came the turn to the Racecourse. All this, as it turns out, is not necessary. Developers need only square meters, which bring enormous profits.”

Macquoid Denis Romodin reminds that the building of the Hippodrome was the highest and largest point in the area. Any building nearby could not compete with the grandiose of the Palace. In addition, the effect of Imperial luxury contributed to the giant free space in the background. Those that can now grow new high-rises.

“If this territory is built up, lost all the beauty of the main building of the Racecourse,” — said Romodin. Skyscrapers cannot be integrated with the historic building into a unified ensemble.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

“Judging by the projects that are published in social networks and on the website of “Roppokai”, I do not see any for the district or for the racetrack, says graduading the coordinator of the public movement “Arhnadzor” Konstantin Mikhailov. — But it is not only that it is a monument. The main problem is the practice of creating large-scale projects at the initiative of the developers without any public discussion and involvement of the expert community, unfortunately, is very widespread…”

“At the moment any documents, suggestions or visualizations on the issue of the Moscow Hippodrome, we have not received, — said the “MK” the press-service of the Moscow construction complex. — The meetings of the Commission the issue has also not been considered.”

But the Director of “Roppokai”, Mr. Isakov is continuing to stick to their own. Just in front of the amazed audience, he invented a new sauce: the development would justify the need for the restoration of the building…

Concrete boxes, cash mountain — or running horses, air and freedom. Why do people choose one side or the other, black-white? Go figure.

But the businessman, casually deciding the fate of the Hippodrome (a piece there, a piece here, a business centre, you just write it, architect)… It’s not worth the little finger of the girl, without removing his coat and hat, ran to the stables to help collect signatures for the racetrack.

That is why there is hope: the Racecourse will not die.

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