The scandal surrounding heritage Sapgir: widow sues grandson

A scandal broke out around the legacy of Henry Sapgir, the famous writer and member of the Lianozovo group (an artistic Association of postevangelical that existed in the middle of the last century). His widow Kira Sapgir accused another relative of the deceased husband, that he settled in the apartment of the writer on Novoslobodskaya street and illegally selling documents and things belonging to a cultural figure.

Sapgir, Genrikh Veniaminovich.

According to ex-wife Sapgir, to capitalize on the values of the culture worker decided Alexander Gribov is one of the grandchildren of the writer. The indignant woman says that Mushrooms are not officially entered into law heritage, but refuses to even let her into the house of her late husband. Kira Sapgir already addressed in the Tver district court in the hope to restore justice and to save the remaining files: photos, poems, manuscripts, drawings and books, as well as gifts from his friends. The widow of the writer cherishes the dream to open in the house to her husband’s memorial Museum, the exhibits of which shall be the surviving items from his personal collection.

As explained “MK” Julia Verbitskaya, the lawyer of the former wife of the writer, the apartment in which the archive is stored, originally belonged to the mother of Kira Alexandrovna and the writer. A valuable collection remained in Moscow when, in 1978, Kira Sapgir moved to Paris, and with the writer was to live his third wife, Lyudmila. After the death of her mother, an immigrant begin to make the law of succession, but it was slow going. The rightful owner of his share it was neither by the time of the writer’s death in 1999, nor later, when from cancer in December 2016 died Lyudmila. To deal with the formalities, the widow of the writer came to Moscow together with his lawyer, but ran into a locked door.

Later the property of the writer appeared on the website of the auction house: the widow of the writer claims that these are the things that for many years was kept in the disputed apartment. For example, the book Sapgir “Face SOCA” — rare edition was sold out before 19 October 2016 for 46 000 RUB Total auction value for sale family meeting is more than 500, 000. meanwhile, the staff of “Nikita” told “MK” that the acceptance of items for sale by their owners sign a contract which confirms that they are not burdened with any “third party rights”.

The writer’s widow filed an application in OMVD of Russia on the Tver area: woman asks to carry out an inspection upon sale of items from the archive of the writer without her permission and initiate criminal proceedings.

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