The scientists said what diets prolong life

A group of researchers from Ohio University, found that even small changes in diet towards healthy eating can significantly increase the chances of a person to be a survivor. For example, to reduce the risk of early death may be a partial failure of sweetened drinks and increase the consumption of nuts, experts say.


Scientists gathered information about how to eat 74 thousand adults for 12 years, and found out what was the risk of premature certication research for 12 years that followed after that. As it turned out, Stacie foods like whole grains, vegetables, fruits and fish, if they were consumed in sufficient quantities, increases the probability that people will live as long as possible. Assessing the level of how “healthy” it was meals on a special scale, the experts came to the conclusion that improving the “quality” of the diet by 20 percent consistent with the reduction in the risk of early death by 8-17 percent. While a healthy diet won’t only those who adhered to it from the first day of the study, but also those who passed on it later.

According to the researchers, their results are another evidence in favor of the fact that the most beneficial is the Mediterranean diet, as well as developed to fight hypertension DASH diet and other approaches to the selection of products that fit into conventional ideas of “healthy eating”.

The work of specialists on the outcomes of the study were presented at the pages of scientific publication New England Journal of Medicine.

It should be noted that some scholars believe the concept of “healthy eating” is somewhat overrated and are of the opinion that, ideally, the diet should be drawn up individually, taking into account all the peculiarities of his body.

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