“The search for the crashed off the coast of Spitsbergen Russian helicopters is continuing in the sea

Moscow. 27 Oct. INTERFAX – the Search for the victim on the eve of the crash of a Russian helicopter near Svalbard continue, they are on the water, said on Friday “Interfax” the Russian Consul General in Svalbard Vyacheslav Nikolaev.

“The search continues for crashed helicopter, they are held on the water. The depth of the fjord in the wrong place, according to preliminary data, more than 200 meters,” he said.

Other information of the Russian Embassy do not yet have.

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About the helicopter crash near the Norwegian settlement of Barentsburg on Svalbard reported earlier, the Norwegian rescue center. The helicopter fell to 2-3 km from the shore. About the loss of the helicopter it became known at 15:35 local time, his fall was confirmed at 15:45.

The press service of the Ministry of energy has informed “Interfax” that on Board crashed near the island of Svalbard helicopter Mi-8 there were three officials of the research Institute of the Arctic and Antarctic, as well as five crew members.

The Ministry released the names of those on Board people. It is a research Institute of the Arctic and Antarctic Oleg Golovanov, Nikolay Fateev, Maxim Kaulio and crew: commander Eugene Baranov, the second pilot Vladimir Frolov, mechanic – Alex Paulauskas, tech – Marat Muhtarov and engineer Alexei Korolev.
According to the Ministry, traces of the aircraft have not yet discovered.

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