“The source identified the probable cause of the crash of the Russian Mi-8.

Pilots could face somatotopically illusion, or another psychological phenomenon that has become the cause of incorrect actions

Archived fotofoto TASS Yuri Smityuk

Moscow. 27 Oct. INTERFAX – Incorrect actions of pilots in adverse weather conditions could provoke a crash of the helicopter Mi-8 near the coast of Spitsbergen, reported “Interfax” a source in the international services the aviation search and rescue.

“The weather service recorded the difficult situation on the flight route Pyramid – Barentsburg, who demanded from the crew of the high piloting skills in the Arctic zone and the appropriate plaque in the polar latitudes. Heavy snow and wind, the ocean surface in conditions of twilight could influence the adoption of decisions by pilots during flight,” – said the source.

The source did not rule out that the pilots could face somatotopically illusion (loss of spatial position), or with another psychological phenomenon that inspired you to do inappropriate actions in the air.

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The version of technical malfunction of the aircraft is also being considered, but maloveroyatno. “The helicopter was manufactured in 2013, properly and timely serviced. However, the failure of equipment to drop off, it is impossible, but it is unlikely. The airline and the charterer – trust “Arktikugol” have sufficient resources for the maintenance of aircraft and are closely monitoring their condition. Earlier incidents involving aircraft which are on balance “Arktikugol” in Svalbard did not happen” – said the source.

He said that on Friday morning in the area of the alleged crash went the Norwegian rescue vessel with divers who are certified for deep-sea surveys. In the search area involved six Norwegian rescue vessels.

“Received assurances from the Russian side, ready to send in the search area of the aircraft Il-76 with a group of rescuers and divers,” said the source.

About the helicopter crash near the Norwegian settlement of Barentsburg on Svalbard reported earlier, on Thursday, October 26, the Norwegian rescue center. Mi-8 has fallen in 2-3 km from the shore. About the loss of the helicopter it became known at 15:35 local time, his fall was confirmed at 15:45.

The press service of the Ministry of energy has informed “Interfax” that on Board crashed near the island of Svalbard helicopter Mi-8 there were three officials of the research Institute of the Arctic and Antarctic, as well as five crew members. The Ministry released the names of those on Board people. It is a research Institute of the Arctic and Antarctic Oleg Golovanov, Nikolay Fateev, Maxim Kaulio and crew: commander Eugene Baranov, the second pilot Vladimir Frolov, mechanic – Alex Paulauskas, tech – Marat Muhtarov and engineer Alexei Korolev.

According to the Ministry, traces of the aircraft were found.

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