“The Syrian Kurds in Western Kurdistan have announced their own elections

Moscow. 27 Oct. INTERFAX – On the Syrian territories that are part of the Federation of Northern Syria (also called Western Kurdistan) Kurds are going to end 2017 to hold local elections, and in early 2018 – parliamentary, said Friday the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the representative of the Syrian Kurdish party “Democratic Union”.

“In the Federation of Northern Syria, which the Kurds announced last March, at the end of this – early next year we intend to hold elections in local councils and in the legislature. This “Izvestia” said the representative of the “Democratic Union” in Russia Abd Salam Ali,” the article reads.

“In December will pass elections in local councils. And in January, will be elected by the Parliament of the Federation of Northern Syria. In addition, each people will receive representation in the legislature. The Arabs and Kurds will be equal to the number of seats. Other Nations – less. Earlier elections to the lower authorities. I want to emphasize that we are not talking about the desire for independence from Syria. On the contrary, we insist on the federalization of the country, which will strengthen its unity. If every nation within the framework of the new Constitution will be guaranteed his rights, it will only strengthen Syria. That is, it applies not only to the Kurds. In General, we find it necessary to withdraw from the designation of a people in all the official names and, in particular, to rename the country from the Syrian Arab Republic in the Syrian Democratic Federal Republic”, – quotes the edition of words Ali.

He also did not rule out that part of the Kurdish Autonomous region after the liberation from ISIS (an organization banned in Russia) will consist of raqqa. However, to solve this issue, he said, will be the local Council, the article notes.

Islamic state (ISIS, ISIL) is a terrorist organization banned in Russia.

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