The traffic police have reduced the death rate on the roads whether on 11, either 21%

For the first nine months of this year, the number of fatal accidents has decreased in our country whether at 10 or 21%. In absolute terms, or 13 305 victims, or 13 371. Over the same same period last year the figures were 14 and 16 773 936, respectively. The exact same figure as found by the portal “Avtosklad”, does not know itself, traffic police, which on its own Internet portal confused in indications.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

So, if you go to the website and look in the appropriate column data from the beginning of the year to September, the casualties will be less, and if the other paragraph to look just the report for the third quarter more. So can drive road sad martyrology only a very indifferent people for whom a hundred or two of victims or survivors means nothing. You can, of course, to assume that it’s the fault of programmers and chronic failures in the Federal information system (FIS), traffic-meter, which the portal “Avtosklad” repeatedly wrote. However, we cannot exclude that these errors — deliberate.

Slowly let the Supreme power of their giant strides in improving road safety, traffic police initially understate mortality data on the road and say something brave. And later on publish the actual numbers sure to check them out, nobody will. But clean up the ends eventually forget. However, if so, is it possible to trust police statistics and speak about the steady decline in the number of victims in the accident?..

But anyway, the General trends are obvious and questionable final results. According to this resource, most accidents (not only fatal) in Moscow. Metropolitan police, according to the first gaishnaya version, issued in January–September 6294 accident. In the Krasnodar region registered 4516 incident, and in St. Petersburg — 4506. However, the majority of fatal accidents happen in the Moscow region, where over the first nine months was killed 744 people in 4577 accidents.

In traffic police believe that the number of fatalities has decreased due to the complex departments in the Federal program “Improving road safety”. As was stated recently at a meeting of the chief of the state traffic Inspectorate of Russia Mikhail Chernikov, over the past ten years, the number of fatalities decreased

from 37 000 to about 20 000 people per year. But, again, the confusion in the reports allows his subordinates to doubt.

In turn, the Ministry of health say that the main reason is the improvement of the work “ambulance”. And according to the head of Federation of automobile owners of Russia Sergey Kanaeva, the rate is reduced due to the fact that automakers expand the list of equipment of their models due to new “safe” systems.

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