The USA has declassified the data about a meeting of killer Kennedy “a KGB agent”

In the United States published nearly three thousand of secret documents about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. According to published information, Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin of the 35th President of the United States, two months before the crime spoke with a Soviet diplomat, who, according to us intelligence, was a KGB officer.

Information about this meeting is contained in the CIA report of November 23, 1963, entitled, “Contacts Lee Oswald with a member of the Department of homicides of the Soviet KGB.”

Thus, according to one of the CIA agents, 28 Sep 1963 (almost two months before the Kennedy assassination), Lee Oswald visited the Soviet Embassy in Mexico city. There he met with Consul Valeriy Kostikov. About the same time the CIA found out later from the intercepted telephone conversation.

So, a few days future the killer phoned the Embassy and in broken Russian asked the guard if there’s something new on “telegram to Washington.” “The security guard” said that “query is gone”, but the answer has not yet been received. As stated in the document, the FBI suggests that Oswald asked for Soviet assistance to obtain a U.S. passport or a U.S. visa.

Assumptions that Oswald was somehow connected with the KGB or the KGB were involved in the Kennedy assassination, in the document no. The version of “the Soviet trace” was seen by the U.S. authorities along with many others, but, according to official documents, was not confirmed, said RIA Novosti.

Washington is also closely followed the reaction to the news of the assassination. The declassified material is said that in the USSR, the death of Kennedy was a shock and it is even the Church bells were ringing in the churches. The Soviet leadership allegedly believed the murder of the President internal conspiracy of American politicians.

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