“Trump has endorsed the interrogation in the Congress of FBI informant uranium deal

Washington. 27 Oct. INTERFAX – U.S. President Donald trump considers proper lifting of the ban on the questioning of FBI informant who can shed light on the conditions and details of the so-called uranium deal between America and Russia, reported CNN.

“The President directed the senior members of the administration to ensure that they contributed to the Ministry of justice in cooperation with Congress to lift the gag,” the channel quoted one of its sources.

As previously reported by the Hill, U.S. Department of justice gave permission to the FBI informant to act in the relevant committees of the us Congress with information concerning U.S.-Russian nuclear deal and associated corruption.

“Tonight (last Wednesday – if), the Ministry of justice allowed the informant to disclose (in congressional committees – if)… information and documents relating to suspected bribery and corruption in transactions not uranium market, including, but not limited to, Vadim and Mykerinus, companies “Rosatom”, Teneks, Uranium One, and the Clinton Foundation,” – said the representative of the Ministry Sarah Flores.

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The name of the informant is not disclosed. Previously, he wanted to uncover corruption schemes, but could not do so, as was bound by a confidentiality agreement with the administration of former President Barack Obama.

In the United States was hit by a serious scandal associated with the fact that, as US Secretary of state, Hillary Clinton not only made a deal whereby a major producer of uranium for the American nuclear energy Uranium One actually passed under control of the Russian government, but received suspicious amounts of money associated with management of the company.

In this regard, trump told reporters: “I Think that the sale of uranium to Russia in such a way as it was done with the huge sums of money that passed over the deal, is, I believe, the Watergate of the new time”.

Earlier, the American court sentenced the Russian businessman Vadim Mycerinos to four years in prison.

He was accused that he, as head of the subsidiary of “Rosatom” TENAM Corp., participated in “kickbacks” for the uranium deal. V. Mikerin, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to launder funds obtained illegally.

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