Ufologists have presented a video of a giant UFO, which flew through the Sun

The Internet was published a video in which you can see the mysterious object as if diving into the Sun, and then departing from him. Given the magnitude of the Orb UFO its size should be comparable to a huge planet. The self-proclaimed experts admit that shone through the flying alien spaceship.

photo: pixabay.com

The author of the video suggests that the shape of the object resembles the plane, but the size is incomparable with it. The Sun are even signs in places where UFO “dives” and “emerges” from it. The question of how such a major event went unnoticed by scientists or why they have not been reported, the author of the video is not set. However, it assumes that the observed events can cause changes on Earth including climate.

Some Internet users in the comments suggested that the UFO is not a space ship, and a huge living being feeding upon the substance on the surface of the Sun as nectar.

This is not the first case when ufologists suggest the possibility of a huge spacecraft of aliens flew to the Sun to “recharge” from it. For example, less than a year ago in the frames received by the spacecraft called SOHO, the self-proclaimed experts saw a bright “beam” that connects the Orb to a bright point.

Most often hunters “aliens” say about unidentified flying objects or their fragments on the Earth, the moon or Mars. However, the Sun often appears in this kind of pseudo-news. However, in cases where the space agencies receive such reports by the review, it appears that “alien spaceships” are mercury or Venus, but more often just glare in the picture.

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