Vladimir Grammatikov told how VGIK educate actors

The main cenovus country VGIK soon — 100 years. On his acting Department train personnel primarily for movies, and are protected by diploma performances. Sergei Gerasimov, whose name is thunder, is constantly shot in his films students. Remember, “the Young guard” with the participation of Nonna Mordyukova, Inna Makarova and the other students.

Vladimir Grammatikov on chamkah of the film”Faces of love”. Photo: Valery Tkachev.

But almost in the entire history of the University are no specially shot movies, which would have been an opportunity to show the entire course, sometimes numbering up to 30 people. So the film Director Vladimir Grammatikov has become a pioneer.

With his Studio he sophomores in 2015 he made a film based on the book “the year of the Lord” Ivan Shmelev together with the teacher of the course Valery Tkachev. Recorded monologues by students to Supplement their newsreels, parade scenes, and the whole course at a glance — tested for durability. Immediately evident who is who, and who accidentally ran into a profession.

This year the same students Vladimir Grammatikov made graduation film “Faces of love”, consisting of several short stories. Chose the Russian classics – Chekhov’s “the Seagull”, “White nights” Dostoevsky, “the Ship “Saratov” and “Tanya” Bunin, “the ordeal” by Alexey Tolstoy Novel… can be shown separately. They are quite independent, there are among them very good. However, some students almost ruined a valuable endeavor. And than! Pouty lips. A young actress, if decided to be beautiful on the screen, and had done a experiment. Beginning artists sometimes don’t hear their heroes from another era, when he spoke and behaved differently. Now they all received diplomas.

“Paradoxically, the fact: cinematography, producing actors and following the teaching of acting, like theater universities, never imagined of kinderlou. – says Vladimir Grammatikov. Every year, the scientific Council suggests that it is necessary to connect faculties, but nothing happens. And I have this “thorn” was sitting. Went to the operators and said, “Why remove the plaster when it is possible to do live portraits?”. In the second year we started “the year of the Lord” Shmelev, filmed monologues in the audience with a simple camera, with the usual light on black velvet. When I watched the footage, I was shocked at how the text Shmelev lay on young people, as students personified mastered it. After that I decided I needed to do kinodom. Individual cases of this kind at the Institute of Cinematography was. For example, in the course of Igor Yasulovich played on the stage the music drama “Manhattan”, and then it was removed. We took the next step.

All told about what the nature of the movie, the acting style of game on the screen is different from theatre. They are very different, especially today. Our students had no skills, did not know optics, not understand what is the big plan, how is the mise EN scene in the movie that today we can remove your end, tomorrow the beginning. Absurd, but the actors, the Cinematography was afraid of shots. We were pioneers and it was well received at the Institute that be happy.”

Photo: Valery Tkachev.

Gorky film Studio provided the costumes and props. Vladimir Grammatikov considers that: “When an actor reincarnates, he needs help. Suit or umbrella can sometimes do more than close-up”. Cinematography was provided by the pavilion Training Studio, equipment, light, camera. Invited artist Denis Tokarev, many working in the cinema. Vladimir Grammatikov said that he remembered 60 years, the obsession and passion with which everyone was covered, and only thought about business, not about who earned how much.

Some of the students before took part in the training like any theoretical work from young Directors. Sofya Shutkina starred in “Junior”, “Witch”, and “Faces of love” played Katusha Maslova in the novel “Resurrection” by Leo Tolstoy. Peter Kovrizhnykh also starred in “Junior” and “the Witch”, as well as in the film “Santa Claus. Battle Of The Magicians.” According to Vladimir Grammatikov, the talent agencies are sometimes harmful to the promotion of aspiring actors – occupy five-seven stars and work for them, and the young of little interest.

Ask Vladimir Gramatikov whether it suits the “spanking” students that radically changes the appearance, whether punishing lovers of inflating the lips. “The summer student went on vacation, and came back with the lips. Well, I for lips to expel? Often girls come to Moscow from other cities, life in the capital hit in the head, start novels. But you have to choose: either sweet life or profession. We had a manicure on the fingers of a student to cover using computer graphics. Only after seeing themselves on the screen, they are something that you begin to understand.”

Photo: Valery Tkachev.

When you set of course, no one is immune from mistakes. “Three rounds, 237 people in place. Girls dreaming to be on the cover of magazines, half of which speaks in the voice of Kseniya Sobchak, shares his experience of Vladimir Grammatikov. – In the exam thing and then for classes, you can come to a completely different person. With men the problem. There are no heroes. No textures, masculine. All some approximate mannered. We’re scraping the guys, one by one. Reading now little educated bad. When Shmeleva did some for the first time found out what Easter is different from Christmas. Trying to instruct”.

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