Wave archival documents: mysteries of death, Kennedy is not diminished

The Federal government of the United States on Thursday released thousands of documents related to the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas in 1963. The documents were published by the National archives of the United States pursuant to the decision taken by President Bush in 1992. This decision involves the publication of documents after 25 years.

After discussion, during which intelligence agents opposed the full publication of the documents, the White house said that he would give them more time for the publication of thousands of new documents, which also were to become the property of the society. President trump said that the publication of documents that the FBI and the CIA did not have time to edit should be held in late April next year.

The documents were declassified by the National archives administration, as intended by the decision taken by President Bush.

In the Memorandum of the President of trump in connection with the publication of documents on the Kennedy assassination stated that the American public expects and rightly expects that his government will provide access to documents related to the assassination of President Kennedy to the fullest extent possible. The purpose is full information people about all the aspects of this extraordinary event. “Therefore, — said in a statement trump, I ordered today that the veil of secrecy was lifted. At the same time the Executive departments and agencies asked me to keep secret certain information in connection with its national security implications. I have no choice today. I have to admit editing these, so as not to cause unrecoverable damage to national security. I order the Agency to review each and every one of these documents within the next 180 days. At the end of this period I will order the publication of this information.”

The decision to delay the publication of some documents, of course, will lead to increased suspicion about the fact that the government still covers the secrets associated with the Kennedy assassination. However, the administration States that there was no attempt to hide the truth. The delay is due to the fact that can be substituted national security, law enforcement and methods of intelligence gathering.

As you might expect, the published papers is string confusion. For example, some documents written by officials of the CIA by hand, just not decipherable. You will need a lot of work and time in order to understand what was happening. According to the newspaper “new York times” published documents represent a puzzle consisting of millions not collected pieces. Due to the fact that a significant portion of the document has not been published Thursday and maybe will never see the light of suspicion as to the authenticity of the official version of the Kennedy assassination did not disappear. However, the published documents contain a number of important information points.

For example, Mexico has been a partner of the United States, helping them to eavesdrop on Soviet and Cuban embassies, before Kennedy was killed. Mexico also participated in the investigation of the relationships that had Lee Harvey Oswald before the Kennedy assassination.

Some sources have told the CIA that Oswald had deposited five thousand dollars in a Mexican Bank. The document, dated March 9, 1964, Mexico reported that it had examined all of the deposits of its banks in search of money, but nowhere transactions sent by Oswald, was not detected.

As for the FBI, it was a dense monitoring of the actions of one of the lawyers of the secret version of Mark lane, representing in the court of Marguerite Oswald, the mother of the murderer of the President. According to the FBI, lane had a meeting with the Polish reporter in January 1964, during which he preached the “wild conspiracy theories”, including the one which wrote the Italian newspaper. According to this theory, Tippit, the Dallas policeman killed by Oswald before he shot JFK, was the real murderer of President and that Jack ruby killed Oswald and Tippit. According to the published CIA documents, Oswald may have traveled in September 1963 in Mexico city, hiding behind the nickname “El Mexicano”. According to another document, El Mejicano is Francisco Rodriguez Tamayo, a Cuban army captain who fled to the United States in June 1959. Published and other documents which identificeret Tamayo, as head of antiretroviral training camp.

Of course, in the published documents are very many mysterious things. But are they really? They stand comparison with what is known about the Kennedy assassination now? Do they help to answer all the questions related to the plot to assassinate the American President?

Some of the published documents so much drama and chaos of those days.

For example, the Memorandum dictated by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover on November 24, 1963, after Jack ruby fatally shot Oswald at the time of transfer from one prison to another: “There is nothing about the Oswald case except that he’s dead.” Thus began a laconic Memorandum, dictated by the Hoover. Referring to Nicholas Katzenbach, Deputy Minister of justice in those years, Hoover expressed concern about the fact that the murder of the murderer of the President can cause unwanted suspicion among Americans. “I am concerned than concerned about, and Mr. Katzenbach. If we can convince the public that Oswald is the real assassin,” says Hoover. Documents show that the FBI Director discussed with my agents phone call of Oswald in the Cuban Embassy in Mexico city. It also says on the letter that Oswald allegedly sent to the Soviet Embassy in Washington. “This — says Hoover, — can complicate our international relations.”

Hoover writes that the killing of Oswald is not to excuse in light of the fact that the Dallas police Department suggests when ruby — the killer of Oswald to organized crime. Hoover writes: “we Have no information about ruby which can be considered solid, although there were some rumors about his underground activities in Chicago.” Leafing through the published documents, we stumble on izvetsia the time the photos of the CIA, made in early 1960-ies. Of particular interest is a visit to a CIA officer President Lyndon Johnson at his ranch in Texas. This visit is the Memorandum of the White house about how the FBI and the secret service should operate in the protection of the President.

Telegram to the FBI, Dating back to 1964, describes the trip of Oswald to Mexico city by bus in October 1963, as well as those people who sat around him.

In 1970, the Committee of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress involved in the investigation of the Kennedy assassination, was questioned by FBI agents. And the FBI along with CIA agents interrogated Cuban exiles in Florida who could have somewhere to meet Oswald. Three years after the Kennedy assassination, FBI Director Hoover sent a Memorandum to the White house, which summarizes information concerning the reaction of the Soviet government on the death of Kennedy. One of the passages of this Memorandum suggests that Johnson was in fact completely unknown to the Soviet leaders that the Soviet intelligence agencies suspected his involvement in the Kennedy assassination. The Memorandum opens with the fact that the Kennedy assassination was greeted with shock and indignation. It describes, sounded like Church bells in memory of the late President. Some of the intelligence that was collected in the Soviet Union at the time of the Kennedy assassination, talk in some detail about what the leaders of the Communist party of the Soviet Union believed in a version of the Kennedy assassination as a conspiracy of the far right. Simultaneously, official Soviet sources said that they had no ties to Oswald. In the days that followed the Kennedy assassination, according to the Memorandum the FBI, the KGB focused their attention on gathering information about the new President Johnson, who “was virtually unknown to the Soviet government.”

Moreover, so excited about the publication of documents related to the Kennedy assassination, as the current occupant of the White house trump. By the way, the statement about the publication of documents was made by the tramp when he was flying or where else, but in Dallas at the presidential airliner air-force-1. 53 years later and 11 months after Kennedy’s assassination, President trump landed at the airport in Dallas called “Field of love”. It is from this place Kennedy’s body was sent to Washington. Being in Dallas, the tramp passed close to Daley Plaza, where occurred the dramatic shots.

It is interesting to note that the new documents related to the assassination of President Kennedy, was published by order of the current President of the United States, who also did not stay aside from the rumors related to this murder. I recall that during his presidential election campaign, trump claimed that the father of one of his rivals, Senator Ted Cruz from Texas was somehow involved in the Kennedy assassination. One of trump’s advisors Roger stone even wrote a book in which the blame for the Kennedy assassination lies with Lyndon Johnson. In this book it mentioned the father of Ted Cruz.

The Kennedy assassination was both the most secret and most promoted event in modern history. Government agencies, Hollywood titans, and Amateur historians put forward different versions of the Kennedy assassination. Among them was this: he was killed by enemies of Cuba or the Soviet Union and this was a manifestation of the cold war.

The official explanation of the Kennedy assassination is: Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, “lonely gamenum” Oswald. Oswald fired three bullets from a nearby building that struck President Kennedy and Governor of Texas John Connally.

But American society has not bought, and not buying his explanation. Published last Thursday, the documents give the answer to some questions from the theory of conspiracy, but the answer is not complete.

So, let’s wait for April 2018.

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