Who killed Kennedy: what secrets are preserved declassified archival documents

So, this happened: the United States government has declassified approximately 2,800 documents in the case of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy November 22, 1963 in Dallas. However, part of the secrecy at the insistence of the security services and was not removed – in the interests of national security.

The last factor will surely play into the hands of numerous Amateurs of conspiracy theories that the us government hides the true circumstances of the murder of the 35th President of the United States.

Theoretically, while the remaining classified information can be used to 26 April 2018 public – this decision should be made within the next six months after further study of documents and risk assessment. However, the probability that the security services will be able to insist on.

Whatever it was, those materials that have been declassified now, are a real treasure for historians, but it is unlikely that calm to bring groundbreaking discoveries in “the case of Kennedy”. In fact, as predicted by many experts. Of course, you need a lot of time to properly consider the numerous and heterogeneous materials.

For us, of course, of particular interest are documents relating to one way or another, the USSR. As you know, Lee Harvey Oswald in 1959-1962 year lived in the Soviet Union. And shortly before the Kennedy assassination, he visited Mexico city, the Cuban and Soviet embassies trying to obtain visas to travel to Cuba.

According to the published materials of the FBI that describe the reaction of the leadership of the Soviet Union on the Kennedy assassination, sources in Moscow denied any connection to the murder of the American President, and the shooting was regarded as “neurotic maniac, not loyal or his country, and generally anything else”. It was noted that during his stay in the USSR, Lee Harvey Oswald was not involved in any of the Soviet organizations and never received Soviet citizenship.

Also, according to the documents, in the USSR there were fears that the death of Kennedy was the result of a conspiracy of a coup, probably by the ultra-right or Lyndon Johnson (who succeeded the murdered President of the United States).

“They feel that these [far-right] the elements interested in using assassination [of Kennedy] and inciting anti-Communist feelings in the United States can then use this act to stop negotiations with the Soviet Union, to attack Cuba and to further spread the war around the world. Owing to such sentiments, the Soviet Union was immediately transferred to the state of General alarm”, – stated in the material.

In an internal memo, the FBI States: “One of the sources also claims that the Soviet officials fear that, in the absence of leadership, some irresponsible General in the United States might launch a missile against the Soviet Union.”

Concerning the trip of Lee Harvey Oswald to Mexico in September 1963, in one of the memos the CIA, citing an intercepted phone call alleged that he allegedly spoke in Mexico city in broken Russian with Soviet Consul Valeriy Kostikov, “identified as a KGB officer” and “officer of the 13th Department (responsible for sabotage and murder”). At the same time the document States that there is nothing special in that applied to the American Embassy communicated the representative of the security services. Moreover, the FBI was sure that the Embassy Oswald appealed because of problems with the passport and visas.

Curious looks and a document from November 24, 1963, according to which FBI Director Hoover argued that the office in Dallas received after the assassination of Kennedy call “from a man who spoke in a calm voice”. The caller claimed he is a member of the Committee set up for the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald. Despite the fact that the feds tried to convince the chief of the Dallas police to protect murderers of the President, night club owner Jack ruby was able to shoot the prisoner. “Ruby said that no one not connected with him, and denied that he had called last night by telephone to our office in Dallas,” – said in the document, Hoover.

Some of the now declassified files have no direct relation to the murder of John F. Kennedy, but they referred to the plans for physical elimination of foreign leaders, which the US considered their enemies. For example, a memo to the FBI for a dozen pages, dated July 1964, and describes a meeting in which Cuban exiles tried to set the price for the head of Fidel and Raul Castro and Che Guevara. “It was stated that of $150,000 for the murder of Fidel Castro plus a $5,000 top spending too much”, – the document says. At the subsequent meeting, as the notes have agreed on more modest amounts: $100, thousand for Fidel, $20 thousand for Raul Castro and another $20 thousand – for Che Guevara. And another $2500 for the expenses…

In another declassified document, dated 1975, describes the operation of CIA plans to overthrow the government of Cuba and to establish a system of financial incentives for Cubans for the “killing or capture alive known Communists.” It was assumed that the Cuban people will be able to see the plan, from leaflets dropped from the air. It was assumed that the award will be paid to the bearer of such leaflets with convincing proof of the death of a Communist or upon presentation of membership card of the victim. The document provides the rates for members of the Cuban government offered $100 million (however, for the Fidel – only 2 cents). And this operation was discussed in the early 1960s, during the presidency of John F. Kennedy…

In short, for specialists studying the history of the twentieth century, there are many new sources that require careful study. Well, the supporters of conspiracy ideas although not “killer” arguments, too, will find themselves in the declassified files the reins for once doubt the official version of what happened on 22 November 1963.

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