“Abyzov predicted a job loss of 3 million Russians due to new technologies

According to him, this will affect primarily men from 45 to 55 years old

Photo: TASS, Svetlana Holowchuk

– In a short time, about 3 million Russians out of work due to new technologies, said Minister for Open government Mikhail Abyzov.

“Already at current analysis in the near future on subjects such as accountants, lawyers, administrative staff, people working in the system of management and accounting personnel in the labour market will have to be about 3 million people, which will not be needed and will be replaced by the new information technologies,” said Abyzov on Friday.

According to him, given the shortage of personnel in Russia, it is a huge challenge as it applies primarily to people aged 45 to 55 years.

“This is the age cohort and the environment, which is very heavy, in terms of adopting new skills in education, new models, give them a new profession is much harder than to do it in relation to young people,” – said the Minister.

He noted that “today do not have the tools and mechanisms that we would oppose such a challenge”.

“And it’s a big, serious problem that we need to solve, but not solve alone. Because without the cooperation of the state system of adaptation of these people and those who makes the order for new labour, we will not be able to understand the profile of demand for these specialties and new professions, we will not be able to understand how to find an effective use of this human capital,” said Abyzov.

In his opinion, the market for new jobs require new systems of education.

“The traditional model of education, to which we are accustomed, which is aimed at gaining knowledge, not on development of personal skills is deprecated” – added the Minister.

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