“An American website before the election, ordered a dossier on trump

One of the conservative media have tried to identify relationships trump with Russia

One of the founders of the Washington Free Beacon Paul Singerphotos: Reuters

Website Washington Free Beacon last year ordered a dossier on Donald trump to reveal his connections with the Russian government, reported Saturday The New York Times.

In the world11 Jan 2017BuzzFeed published source “Russian” compromising Terracotat read more

The order of the site were created by Fusion GPS. It was only supposed to collect information on all of the Republicans who participated in primaries. After the official nomination trump may Free Beacon stopped work on the dossier. In the future, Hillary Clinton and the national Democratic Committee has paid Fusion GPS that she has continued to collect information.

Information from the dossier served as the basis for the publication of the website BuzzFeed in January of this year, where he talked about trump’s ties with the Russian government.

The editors of the Washington Free Beacon professed conservative views and founded one of the largest donors of the Republican party billionaire Paul singer.

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