Apfelbaum sent under house arrest, walking banned

Director of the Russian academic youth theatre (RAMT) Sophia Apfelbaum, accused on the case about swindle in “the Seventh Studio”, Moscow’s Basmanny court on Friday concluded under house arrest. She didn’t admit guilt, but admitted that could commit negligence.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

According to investigators, the former Director of the Department of state support of art and folk creativity Ministry of culture Sofia Apfelbaum, who now works as the Director of the Russian academic youth theatre involved in fraud in especially large sizes. We are talking about the theft of about 68 million rubles. She became the sixth person involved in the case.

On Friday a large group of support a theatre activist gathered at the courthouse in the morning. Among them were: the artistic Director of the Russian academic youth theatre Vladimir Borodin, rector of the school –Studio of MKHAT Igor zolotovitski and Deputy Chairman of the Union of theatrical figures Dmitry Brain. Last Apfelbaum has described as “the personification of honesty and integrity, professionalism. What is happening is madness,” said the Brain.

Meanwhile, next door to the hall where the meeting was to take on remand Apfelbaum, sounded disgruntled cries. Some citizens demanded from the bailiffs that they were not allowed first access to the journalists. In order that everyone could get to the process, the court was organized the broadcast of the meeting.

Sophia Apfelbaum in a gray pantsuit under the escort was quickly taken to a room. She managed to nod his elderly parents next to them and hesitantly hovered her husband, the young man who looks to give 25 years. Despite the fact that the night she spent in the detention center, she didn’t look depressed, and even smiled.

In the beginning of the meeting Apfelbaum said she was born 2 APR 1979. Married. She has one child – 13 years.

Then the floor was given to the investigator of the TFR Alexander Lavrov. Colonel of justice said that being questioned Apfelbaum pleaded not guilty, though, and said that her side had no control over the money, “the Seventh Studio” 2011-2014, “she actually recognized the neglect of their official duties.” His petition, he argued that Sophia might abscond and influence witnesses.

– Please elect house arrest until December 26 and in this regard to impose limits: to go beyond the premises, prohibit send correspondence, applications, and cases, to use the means of communication and the Internet – listed by the investigator.

The Prosecutor said that the suspect Apfelbaum reasonable.

The accused, being in a cage, visibly nervous, did not know what to do with hands, it is very intelligent asked to elect the measure of restraint not related to deprivation of liberty.

– I am the Director of the theatre, so please choose the measure that will allow me to work, she said.

Her lawyer Irina Poverennova noted that Apfelbaum pleads not guilty because did not participate in any group of people. (meaning the Director Kirill Serebrennikov and the other defendants in the case).

– Any money she didn’t steal it. She was doing her job. For companies Apfelbaum

no danger, ‘ persisted the lawyer. According to her, the first time Sophia was summoned for interrogation in may of this year. Prior to that, she was not seen in any crime. Investigators seized everything and analyze everything.

– I ask to refuse satisfaction of the petition of the investigation. Apfelbaum characterized on the positive side, she’s a workaholic and brings only benefits to the community. Asked to release her on bail of 1 million rubles. For her this is a significant amount based on her small salary, – said the defender.

The investigator, of course, objected.

It is not in the interests of the criminal case.

His argument, he convincingly argued, procaterol correspondence Apfelbaum, which, in his opinion, tried to hide flaws in the financial documentation.

– From the contents of the correspondence of the accused known that Apfelbaum was invited to a producer Alexei Malopolski to relate to the creative and financial answers, and Ekaterina Voronova had to drive up in a few minutes (the Producer was declared in the international search), i.e. Sophia tried to coordinate their actions with other defendants in the case, explained the investigator.

This Apfelbaum answered that he was not going to influence anybody.

– May 25 Malopolski has not yet been interrogated in the case. It was not an attempt for someone to influence. I just don’t remember what happened five years ago in financial and artistic records. No malice was not. He only told me that the seven months he worked and moved to another position, – tried to justify the theatre’s Director.

The investigator corrected her and said that we are talking about 2012-2013, and Malopolski by this time it was not working.

Poverennova finally the lawyer asked the judge to allow her client walks in for two hours a day.

In the end, the Basmanny court of Moscow has sent Apfelbaum under house arrest until December 26. The court isn’t allowed, explaining that this question refers to the competence of the investigation.

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