British leading disgraced, ask an ISS astronaut on “the moon”

Host of the show This Morning Amanda Holden on the British channel ITV has become the object of ridicule once asked a rather strange question to astronaut Tim Peak, last year visited the International space station. Users of social networks reacted to the mistake of Holden.

A frame from the video.

During the conversation leading inquired: “I do Not know, whether will allow you to give a truthful answer to this question. When you were on the moon, you took a piece of it?” asked Amanda.

Astronaut explained that was not on the surface of the moon as made a flyby of the Earth on the ISS. However, Holden, not wanting to change the subject, asked an even more strange question: “so you never got away with it? There is nothing floated in the water that you could pull off?”

Rush joked that bring something with them from the space station would be a brilliant idea, but it’s impossible pascalcase is “under strict control”.

After the release of the software, users of social networks began rapidly to discuss the ridiculous mistake Holden, although, perhaps, they simply did not understand her specific English humor.

“Amanda Holden, Tim Peak about asking Tom if he had brought a stone from the moon — reason why I refuse to watch 99% of the programs on British television,” wrote one of the spectators.

“If Tim Peak represents the majority, then we can handle. If Amanda Holden, the human race is doomed,” echoing another commenter.

There is stupid, there is very stupid, there is incredibly stupid and then there is Amanda Holden ??? #ThisMorning #TimPeake

— Paul Tompkins (@foxyfilbert00) 26 Oct 2017

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