“Catalan nationalists proposed to begin the process of Declaration of the Republic

– The ruling coalition in the Parliament of Catalonia on Friday introduced the members to start the process of proclamation of the Republic.

In a paper circulated in the Parliament, in particular it is proposed to adopt the necessary decrees on the Catalan citizenship to give effect to the agreement on dual citizenship with Spain, to develop the necessary standards for change, and apply applicable local, Autonomous and state law, and the Law on the legal transition, to provide all States and institutions a proposal for the recognition of the Catalan Republic to conclude an international agreement, to start negotiations with the Spanish government taking into account the rights and obligations of an economic nature.

However, the legal Department of the Parliament of Catalonia has refused to take this proposal to the deputies, as the initiative was previously suspended by the decision of the Spanish constitutional court along with the law on referendum and the law on the legal transition.

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