Cause of death fourteen-year-old Russian model in China: the virus or the negligence

In Shanghai after the photo shoot died 14-year-old model from Perm. The eighth-grader went to China to participate in the demonstration of the Eastern designers. October 25, the girl had a fever, she was sent to the hospital. The Vic (the name of the school changed – “MK”) complained to my mom that is very tired after a 13-hour day.


The next day after admission, the girl went into a coma and died. The preliminary cause of the tragedy — meningitis amid fatigue. But friends of the girl suspect that she could have some time to hide symptoms. After all, in a foreign country she was without health insurance.

It wasn’t the first time aspiring models abroad. A few months ago, Vic went to the shooting in Hong Kong. There she spent two months.

Vic, as I know it, always wanted to be a model, and her height was suitable. Probably in the fifth grade mom took her to a modeling Agency, says a classmate of the dead fashion models.

A year ago the girl won the title of Top model in the competition “Young beauty of Perm”. There are serious proposals, contracts.

– From the first working visit to China Vika came enthusiastic, she liked it: another life, serious shows. But when I was in Shanghai, wrote me that she gets very tired. Asked to help with the lessons, so I just physically do not have time to do them, continues the friend.


– And doesn’t she take a sabbatical during these trips?

– No, Vic was homeschooled.

– About your schedule in Shanghai she spoke of.

– No. She even wrote a little — there was no time.

– Could not her condition to deteriorate because of dieting?

– No, Vick always ate a lot, she had such a good Constitution that diet she just was not needed.

It was the third month of stay Wiki in Shanghai: went to China girl at the end of August, 16 Nov had to return home. When the girl got an infection, is not yet clear. But the girl’s mother said that a few days before admission, the daughter complained that he was very tired after a 13-hour day. “She apparently was sick. Then her temperature rose. I didn’t sleep all the time called his daughter, asked her to go to the hospital…”

But to the doctor she never asked. Perhaps because no medical insurance young model was never issued. And any recourse to doctors abroad — fabulous price. In the end, in the hospital the girl was taken to the curators, when she was already very bad. A few days relatives prayed for the health of the Wiki, collecting money for her treatment. On October 26 at three o’clock the girls did not.

The head of the modeling Agency from Perm, who collaborated with Vick, told “MK” that the best girls in China had to meet the curator of the receiving party.

– We Vika graduated from the Studio participated in the competition, after which she was selected newcomer scout (an agent that travels to different cities and selects the new faces for photo shoots – “MK”) to participate in screenings in China. Talks about first trip to Hong Kong and then in Shanghai was conducted directly with the girl’s parents, – says Elvira Zaytseva. – By the way, mom was against the second mission of the Wiki. But the girl literally begged her permission.

– Why does the Wiki not have insurance?

– This question is better to ask the girl’s mother and the receiving side. My opinion — probably to save money, they wanted to go on the old insurance. And during his stay in China, it ended.

Elvira says: there was no 13-hour show. The girl felt ill during the filming for jewelry catalog.

So she walked for hours on the runway without pause. One image shot — then girls change clothes, do hair. In between they eat lunch, drink tea. The tragedy could not happen due to overwork. Yeah, Vic really complained to mother tired. But perhaps by this time she was already ill, was sick. In tragedy no one is to blame, the accident happened.

It should be noted, in each such trip patterns are accompanied by the curators. They ensure that the girls had problems with housing to them while they fed us Breakfast and lunch. They also follow the health of their wards. “MK” was able to talk with the curator, who was responsible for the stay Wiki in Shanghai.

– Everything turned on its head, there was no 13-hour shows, – says Dmitry Smirnov. Vic was shot for a catalog. When I arrived in the apartment, felt ill, she began vomiting, the temperature was under 40. The Agency immediately took the girl to the hospital, she did all the tests. But it is a very dreadful virus. The doctors were powerless.

Dmitry says: that day a girl was filming a total of 10 hours.

But this is the total time spent at the facility. Each bow takes two minutes. And then the models change clothes, waiting for their turn. They are fed during the breaks, they can retreat to drink tea or coffee.

But how can a teenager work more than 4 hours? – surprised.

– For every additional hour they are very well underpaid. And I repeat: 10 hours total time — an hour and a half. The rest of the time the girls are waiting. For every additional hour they pay extra $ 50. If the day you can get up to 1000 dollars what would be your choice? Shooting happen every day, so the girls agree. And enough stories about the poor models which all use. Compared to conditions in Russia, and abroad the girls in a posh location… But Victoria already had contracts before this trip, she was Pro…

Forums dedicated to the modeling business, this tragedy caused a flurry of responses. Comments leave agents, parents of young models, fashion models themselves. Girls write about the penalties, about the operation temperature. Here are just a few comments.

“The real practice of many Chinese agencies to ignore any illness models, whether it’s something serious or not. Still pressured and forced to go to work they live well “does” can not undo . Not all agencies are like this but many. She repeatedly worked with colds , temperatures and so on. My friend once instead of having to send to the dentist with the flux, forced to go with a swollen cheek on the show…”

“Yes, the Chinese have a different mentality. They are workaholic and work wear. In the model, they usually only see the possibility of earnings, and only some agencies value us as human beings. How many times have you heard stories from friends that they are on set fainted, and they were raised, raised again and kept shooting.. My friend fainted from exhaustion and got a huge black eye, so she was forced to work on…”

About all the intricacies of Russian girls in China on condition of anonymity, “MK” agreed to tell a modeling agent cooperating with Chinese companies.

Usually visa costs, medical insurance fall on the shoulders of a model or her parents. Insurance is not required when obtaining a visa, and many girls especially from not very affluent families, prefer to save these 50-100$, relying on chance. Agents with experience will never have to rely on good health model. Always insist to the medical insurance has been issued mandatory or “not going anywhere”. The risk of occurrence of the insured event may not be high, but the consequences can be enormous. Medical services in China are not cheap. And the most common disease models there, especially during acclimatization is a cold. In the hot season the air conditioning machines at the low and cold, and go out — the heat. Such changes in temperature models quickly get cold. Someone had to take antibiotics – good. Otherwise, complications are guaranteed. But that trip ended in such tragedy — I don’t remember.

Girls complain that China’s labor contract ignore: shooting and persecuting the sick, and at any time of the night…

– For some agencies in China (becoming less) main objective – income. And that there and as the model is of little concern to them. For them is not a reason to cancel the work and to carry the shot, if you have a fever already to the 38 fits. “We have to work, you will be treated later.” Therefore, the agents with experience before you place your models in any Agency carefully monitored conditions. I know the Agency that took the Vic. It is large and rich in office with a strong team of bookers. So not understanding, blame the representatives of the company, I would not.

In the Internet model, they write that they are often fined. Could Vick not to report bad health, the fear of sanctions?

– Almost every contract stipulates the items that the model is prohibited and what penalties her Shine for violation of these terms and conditions. But that model is not reported poor health, fear of fines, I rule. On the contrary, the contract stipulates that the model will not be fined if she missed the auditions or jobs because of health. The main thing to tell their Booker at the Agency (that’s right, by the way, Booker, not a curator) to take care of this problem…

The girl was only 14 years old. If she can even officially work as a model if her contract?

– Yes, by the rules of the China working visa for the model can be opened in case the girl was 14 years old. And this visa would not be decorated, if not a contract was signed between the Agency Wiki, the Chinese Agency, speakers from the host country, and the legal representatives of the girls (her parents). Can have different opinions if in this age people to work abroad. But today’s realities are such that a short photo shoot fly even children of kindergarten age.

At the moment the situation connected Perm investigators. They began pre-investigation check into the death of 14-year-old Vicky. “MK” will monitor the situation.

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