Danish area on 28 and 29 October

28 OCT

International animation day.

All-Russia day of gymnastics.

1237 is the first mention of Berlin, the birthday of the city.

1892 — Musee Grevin Emile Reynaud presented the “luminous pantomimes” — the birthday animation.

1962 — Cuban missile crisis: Nikita Khrushchev announced the dismantling of Soviet missiles in Cuba.

1992 — withdrawal of the Russian troops stationed there under the terms of the Warsaw Pact.

29 OCT

The day of the motorist (Day of road transport workers).

Day of workers of private security of Regardie.

The world day against stroke.

1492 — Columbus landed in Cuba.

1922 — opened the Theater of the revolution (now Moscow academic theatre named after Vladimir Mayakovsky).

1947 — the dry ice was first used in order to cause rain.

1972 — first flight departs passenger airliner the Airbus A300.

Birthdays and dates. Chronicle of events

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