Director of Regardie gold awards best

Director of the Federal service of national guard troops of Russia Viktor Zolotov on Friday, October 27, presented state and departmental awards to nine distinguished employees of private security. “MK” has learned the history of some of the awardees.

Sergeant Vladimir Snytkin received the medal “for distinction in protection of public order”.

The guys are working with large loads, showing courage and heroism…You always come first, go to the call, not knowing what awaits you there. This is proof that you are professionals, addressed the employees of private security of gold.

So, the medals “For rescue perishing” four security guards in the city of Ivanovo was for the fact that last year the first arrived on a place of explosion of household gas. Under blockages there were people, time to think fighters were not:

When you find yourself in an extreme situation there is no time to be afraid, you need to save people. It’s not about a need to think, – has shared with “MK” one of the awardees, senior Sergeant Sergey Bychkov.

According to him, his outfit, called emergency services before the arrival and helped to clear the debris. Sergey personally pulled one person.

– I really wanted to make this world a safer place. I served in the army, and after 2 years came to the security services, he said.

Senior Sergeant Igor Averyanov was also awarded the medal “for distinction in protection of public order”.

Medals “For distinction in protection of public order” was awarded four employees of private security at Moscow and one of their colleagues from Ivanovo.

The Moscow employees of Regardie received the award for March 10, 2016 detained the criminal who has committed murder. Senior Sergeant Igor Averyanov told “MK” that in that day they asked people, and told that he and his friend were attacked.

Senior Sergeant Sergey Bychkov received a medal “For rescue perishing”.

He said that he was wounded and his friend killed – said Igor – we are hot on the trail of combed nearby areas and found the man with blood traces on clothes. We detained him, and eventually he admitted his guilt.

According to the soldier, during the arrest of the killer a sense of fear simply atrophied:

– Then I thought about the fact that the attacker needs to hold, because no man has no right to deprive another of life. We have taken all the necessary security measures.

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