Eyewitnesses told how rowdy the plane actor Dmitry Orlov

Famous Russian actor Dmitry Orlov (“the Sisters”, “Sky plane girl”) is suspected of disorderly conduct on Board the aircraft. 46-year-old actor was returning from a tour and flight attendants, the flight went a little overboard.

A scene from the movie “First after God”.

As it became known “MK”, the incident on Board flight # 933 Minsk—Moscow occurred on 5 October. Dmitry flew from Odessa with a stop in the capital of Belarus. After the ship pulled away from the runway, the flight attendant began to explain to the passengers how to behave on Board the plane.

However, according to women, telenovela star flatly refused to comply with the requirements prescribed in the regulations, not turned off his cell phone and did not remove the headphones. The woman had to persuade Orlov to meet the requirements, but the reply was rude.

Also, according to crew members, from the man strongly smelled of alcohol. The commander of the iron bird because of the scandal even wanted to make an emergency landing in Smolensk. Later in flight, Dmitry accidentally broke the backs of two chairs when trying to reach the toggle switch cooling air. About the incident the crew reported to ground services, and on arrival at the airport “Domodedovo” the perpetrator of the incident was waiting for reinforced police.

The guards, the actor told a very different story. From his words followed that he behaved quite respectable, and the stewardess, for unknown reasons, he was treated with prejudice.

He never got up from his seat and just didn’t want to change the passenger seat. Again, the chair broke itself, and it was witnessed by other members of the flight. Most likely the dispute will be resolved in a civil manner.

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