Fun pumpkins, like the demons: as a Church and museums see Halloween

Deputies of the state Duma fever yet just because of the Halloween celebrations in schools and kindergartens, they have not yet started to ban to note it in the theatres, museums, cinemas… it’s an extra reason for cultural institutions to make money. But part of the public, mostly Orthodox, on this occasion, already angry.


Of all the Moscow theaters the occasion you are going to mention only the Meyerhold centre (party) and “the flower”, which will give a fabulous statement about witches. Of the capital’s museums for Halloween will not only neglect the Museum-reserve Tsaritsyno.

– I must say, we do not provide estimates of this celebration, not interpret, not advocate it, but only use the we use Halloween as an excuse to not lure your audience – responds to a reporter’s question “MK” employee of the Museum. This time we made up for children, “Botanical conversations: Scary and beautiful.” First, draw a mysterious trip to the Park, accompanied by lectures about plants. Explain how plants are able to warn and to call for help, what tricks are to survive, than we humans like them? In the end, will arrange a master class for creating shiny pumpkins. No satanic motives. We avoid doing this and do not want to get involved in religious conflicts.

– To attract young people, you could use any other celebration. Why I caught it in Halloween?

– In the imagination of children, it is something mystical, magical and unpredictable. We knew that peck at him as newsworthy, and the team of the Museum will be able to make decent content and affordable event. Any major holiday is an occasion to replenish the budget of the Museum, which is not always enough due to all sorts of unforeseen restorations.

We phoned the Museum’s flagship Moscow and received similar answers to the question why they are not going to celebrate: “We in these games do not play”; “we Have many cultural ways of attracting visitors of different ages”; “I don’t want to attract attention to themselves”; “We’re not interested. We are far from this topic”; “Not going to earn what can to sow discord in society.”

Comment on the relation to the celebration of Halloween, members of the Church we asked the Abbot of the St. George temple, father Tikhon:

Sorry, but the festival organizers who hide behind humane reasons, it is absolutely devilish attitude, he exclaimed. – Any flirtation with satanic evil will take us away from the truth. The people came for fun with plants and pumpkins, not noticing liken themselves to demons. They destroy and humiliate their image given to them by God. Religious Satanism in the content of Halloween is manifested in everything. Attribute lunacy is even such a seemingly cute fun, to create a “glowing pumpkins”. It is also a ritual offering to the dark forces. Children do not know about. Like their parents, enjoy watching childish.

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