“In Kazakhstan, the man checked the gas tank with a match and started the fire

– In the Kazakh city of Semey a man set his house on fire, checking the gas tank with a match, have informed “Interfax” in the emergency Department of East Kazakhstan region.

“68-year-old owner of the house decided to test a match for a faulty gas cylinder. The explosion of the gas mixture occurred at the same moment,” he told details in the DES.

The fire from the flames immediately spread in the kitchen. Fire engulfed the wooden structure of the furniture, appliances, window and door openings and the wooden roof structure. The fire spread over an area of 40 square meters.

The owner of the house received burns to the body 10-15%. Ambulance staff examined the victim and gave him first aid from the hospital the man refused.

In extinguishing the fire were involved in three pieces of equipment and 20 people of staff.

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