“Iraqi Prime Minister has ordered day to cease operations against the Kurds

Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi ordered for 24 hours to suspend military operations against Kurdish forces in the North of the country, said Friday in a press-service of the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister noted that this would allow Federal forces to gain a foothold in all the disputed and border areas “without bloodshed”.

Earlier in the US-led international coalition against the Islamic state group (banned in Russia) confirmed the establishment of a cease-fire between the armed forces of Iraq and the Kurdish militia “Peshmerga”. Later, the coalition representative Ryan Dillon stated that mistakenly reported the establishment of a cease-fire.

At the end of September in Iraqi Kurdistan held a referendum on self-determination, more than 90% of its members voted in favor of secession from Iraq. The authorities in Baghdad did not recognize the results of the referendum and insist on the territorial integrity of the country.

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