Leading “Echo” Xenia Larin evacuated abroad because of the air Solovyov

Glavred “echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov ordered to evacuate the country’s leading radio station Xenia Larin after the broadcast of the program of Vladimir Solovyov on the radio “Vesti”.

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This was reported in his Twitter Deputy editor-in-chief of radio station Vladimir Varfolomeev.

He wrote that because of the actions of journalists VGTRK Venediktov, for security reasons, decided to evacuate from the country the leading “Echo” Xenia Larin.

He Venediktov on air of TV channel “Rain”. noted that Larin “will leave the country at least six months until she is guaranteed safety, because the next strike to the throat can be after this transfer of Soloviev.”

Venediktov emphasized that other way to protect its journalists had not. As for the work, Larina will continue to be broadcast, but will do so remotely.

Earlier Venediktov said that the attack on Tatiana Felgengauer could be a consequence of the General background of “hatred and incitement”. In particular, in the example cited of the transfer, which was published on the channel “Russia 24” on 1 October, where he talked about the media collaboration with the West and mentioned the “Echo of Moscow.

Ksenia Larina, after Boris grits in the wording was stabbed Tatiana Felgenhauer, wrote in a dramatic Facebook message in which he mentioned Vladimir Solovyov (“the nightingales really wanted the beast”) and recalled the phrase, “who shut up their filthy mouths?”.

Now in the program of Vladimir Solovyov, “Full contact” Vesti FM invited historian and journalist Armen Gasparyan mentioned on this post Ksenia Larina and named it “Frank the bastard”, noting that “Echo of Moscow” have not confirmed these words. Vladimir Solovyov also said that an apology after this publication was not followed.

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