“MTS has launched its own taxi service

– Mobile operator “Mobile TeleSystems” has launched a new service “MTS Taxi”, told “Interfax” in the company.

The service works in partnership with the taxi aggregator “Citymobil” in Moscow and St. Petersburg, it provides 10 thousand orders per day. The app is available in App Store and Play Market.

“The difference between the MTS service from similar offerings is that users of “MTS Taxi” trip can cost only one ruble. The remaining part of the cost customers may pay with bonus points earned through the loyalty program “MTS Bonus” for the use of telecommunications services and the results of previous trips. In monetary terms the cost of travel, drivers will compensate MTS”, – noted in the company.

MTS will promote services based on technologies of big data, generated by income, interests, location, gender, and lifestyle segments, the operator will send usuallyone messages about the product.

The profit is divided among partners and distributed on the model of revenue sharing. In MTS noted that the project does not require significant investment, the cost of promotion and marketing.

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