Omnipotent fiend

People — the all-powerful fiend. Commands nuclear reactors, and conquered giants of nature — whales and elephants, sent into space.

But what can he do in reality? The clouds gathered, there was a sharp pressure drop and a mighty crown of creation shuddered in a spasm of blood vessels, headache, stoppage of the heart. The atmosphere crushed the imaginary master.

photo: Alex geldings

New is forgotten old

Unstoppable waves of human generations — as if constantly updating the company at the table. (Which, incidentally, has already seen and poeticized: “it is the new guests sit down for he has prepared a feast.” But the poet is not said in this cesspool coming did not know what was said to them, the previous speakers, and again, talking spoken, saying the same things). Contemporaries heed changing leaders, then are the aliens instead of sail — and once again pronounces the same, one and the same.

Buy health

The higher man climbs the social ladder, the more influential and powerful in society and become rich, the weak made corporal. To reconcile, to smooth out the paradoxical incompatibility impossible. Like: accumulated funds, buy health. But no, the loss is not kompensiruet, gaining in vain. One — at the expense of another. The final collapse is inevitable.


Life logically-minded people develops into a coherent concept. “Everything is progressing reasonably and consistently”. And being bad, scattered thinking turns into complete rubbish. A nightmare. In hell of confusion and chaos.

However, those who live guided by logic slim, beautiful philosophy, you find that there is neither logic nor philosophy, when measured invade not able and not willing to think logically and philosophize barbarians. Trampled fragile philosophical constructs fly to pieces under the pressure of the rude vulgar of power. The pieces do not stick together.


Boyish understandable. Man enters into life with high standards and requirements. Then the disagreement with irregularities and glaring deficiencies dulled. This so-called period of maturity, whose motto is: be able to distinguish what you can change for the better from an invariably bad. Considered to be: wise old age — the season of forgiveness. Such a proposition is only partly correct. Old age aware of its weakness and can pretend to be a consonant, because she can’t win. Although her soul is still bubbling indignation at the discrepancy between what is happening and what should happen ideally.

The cure — the blood

Depressing monotony of forms and methods of protest (in world scale): slightly wrong (as we would like one side of a conflict) and start pogroms, massacres, gang rape, if you cannot define the position differently, in the negotiations, for example. No, the cure is to bleed, to humiliate, to demonstrate the superiority of the animal. Then the obvious power and innocence will be clearer. Without blood and violence — what victory?

Medieval for the sake of progress

Science does not bring happiness. In any case, most. Before he learned how to transplant organs, there was illegal trafficking. (Except that the bears cut off the legs Yes, the tigers pulled out the claws for the manufacture of drugs.) Now mass kidnap people, to deprive them of the kidneys, spleen, eyes, liver. Occurs, that is to say, medieval evisceration in a civilized level and for civilized purposes.

The majority of which delivers these “parts”, and could not afford to assign more than enough for a miserable subsistence. It now has placed itself at the service of consumption. All as always.

In the midst of horror

Talking about diplomacy: the art of the possible. In fact, the life of every person (and animal) we can say: the art of the possible. As tricky and proliferate between the reefs and undercurrents, not having suffered shipwreck how to pass the open, sweep all round the area and do not fall under the bullets, how to eat, if the power is on the wane, and whether to hide from the prowling, walking on your trail the dogs — how many daily, and even minute-by-minute obstacles and threats we have to overcome in order to keep yourself alive! Yes, because constantly dealing with fools, and they know that POPs to mind, and they do not behave according to common logic, and in spite of it — to warn and to predict their actions and thoughts is unrealistic.

Toy store

In the children’s store — “educational games”: all pistols, submachine guns, knives. Nothing changes. Children play in the war, and continue these games as adults. Playing cops and robbers and rise Cossacks and robbers, remain the same.


Are empty, idle theorizing: what would happen if Hitler was opposed by a powerful coalition of world States which would not allow him to come to power? But why didn’t stop him in reality? Because no one climbs in the internal Affairs of neighboring and distant countries, it is an axiom. But Hitler still helped, walked with him on the transaction.

If today you see a figure, equal in their ambition of Hitler, the world will also obey her will give way, move back will be to curry favor and to please. And then, of course, curse and give the word never such fanatics to raspahannosti to avoid.

A lot of little

“Let well alone” — proverb about life. You’re alive — already done. Plus there’s food and a roof over your head — what more could you want?

But I need the bread turned into a sandwich, so instead of leaking roofs was the mansion, to come to glory that grew up the Bank account, so in addition to his wife arose and mistress…

This is a quest for good available on boundless grace.


No one writes a history of injuries (although most people are losers and losers, and this precept they would be close: always interesting to compare your bad experience with the failures of other losers), but the authors of the eulogies endeavoring to create a history of wins at the shoulder units. The rest are flawed, like poor dependents, heed skillfully forged front (not the reverse) legend.


Poor and vulgar to be guided only by profit. Life itself cries out: do not be prudent — it still does not calculate. “Mysterious and elusive rich does not happen”, “Man proposes, a higher power has a”, etc. no wonder Proverbs stacked, based on long observations of human existence.

Eternal and transient

Maybe computer games and the Internet, curse the sound, not fallen into dependence wiseacres sent to people in recovery: well, a man sitting at the screen, well, killing time. But no drinking, no drug addiction, and this in itself is a great blessing.

And yet, when you read text on a computer screen, can not help frightened, he, the text, somewhere to run away, escape, disappear, be erased. Only the page of a book gives you confidence in its profound reality.


People rush from one extreme to another. The hijab and closed swimsuits, the willingness to be naked (I will not say to a negligee, but to the bad taste). First tried short socks. Now generally wear shoes on his bare feet. First would be shocked: a man is lacking (no, not money for clothes) basic taste? So even if footcloths clocked…


Parents (both together or separately) is a booster, her steps. The task of this missile is to take the child (Sputnik) into orbit and to bring in independent flight. This focus on the future often turns out to be a continuous problem at the spaceport.


The plant can change your destiny? Not, develops there, where fell the seed fall into the ground. And if conditions are unfavorable, it may be trying to reshape the future — again with the help of seeds, sending them in new regions with favorable wind or in the stomachs of moving from place to place animals. What is clear conclusion: move through space as necessary as mutations inside the organism. It is important not only thoughts, but the ability to act. Without movement, all attempts to change anything are doomed.

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