President of the jury of the Tokyo film festival Tommy Lee Jones was joined by the “Prince of Kabuki”

In the program of the 30th Tokyo international film festival there are no Russian films. They are all here – a rarity. Although a year ago the film “After you,” Anna matison with the participation of Sergey Bezrukov was selected for the main competition.

photo: AP

This time it is 15 paintings: “Forget about Nick,” the legendary German Director Margaret von Trotta, “Grain” one of the most prominent Turkish filmmakers of Semicha Kaplanoglu, best known for the trilogy, “Egg”, “Milk”, “Honey” French painting “Marilyn” with the participation of Vanessa Paradis. In the competition there are also two Japanese tapes, films from Finland, China, Luxembourg, Iran, ascetic and shot the Bulgarian film “the Ship in the room” Lubomir Mladenov, where even the pigeons in a muddy puddle look impressive, Georgian ribbon “Name” Zaza Khalvashi. The “light” of the Director from Kazakhstan Zhanna Isabayeva the filmed partly in Russian, but mostly in sign language, because it was filmed in her Russian deaf actors Laura Queen and Roman Lystsov. The film is hard and merciless. Its heroine Light was almost fired from a sewing workshop, where she is foreman, and it has already problems with the Bank, since the rent must be paid, with young children who need to be educated, and no money. In light of the low threshold of compassion, she’s not capable of compassion, and loves nobody. She can coolly hit a man in the head and send to the light the grandmother of her husband, and then live in peace without emotion and remorse. He had only to come to the festival, as its staff immediately informed that there is an extraordinary picture of “the world” in the contest – whether because of coincidence of names, or considered it Russian.

President of the jury was Hollywood actor Tommy Lee Jones. In Tokyo, he quoted the words of Kipling about the fact that West is West, East is East, and never the TWAIN shall meet. And from himself added: “But the best achievements of modern art, architecture, design and cinema we see the point where the West and the East. Japan is dear to my heart. I feel at home here and happy to serve the Tokyo film festival”. Under him works the jury Director of the Tehran film festival, Iranian Director Reza Mirkarimi, who led in June the jury of the festival after last year’s victory in Moscow with the film “Daughter.”

CEO anniversary of the Tokyo festival was the producer Takeo, Hisamatsu is an experienced filmmaker, with experience in American company. Over the last 10 years it already the third head of the festival. In Tokyo no one for years sitting on this post as it happens at the Moscow festival. The upgrade is permanent, and it does not mean a radical change of the festival team. Work continues to highly trained specialists, and the arrival of the new head of the problem for them becomes.

One of the recent traditions of the festival is a special evening at the Kabuki theater. It starts with the presentation at the entrance. Since performances categorically can not be removed, and each of us take a subscription about appropriate behavior, in front of the main entrance erected a red platform, which brought the 39-year-old actor Ichikawa Ebizo XI belonging to the celebrated acting dynasty of the legendary theater. It is called the “Prince of Kabuki”. He frequently appears in films and became a popular blogger. Ichikawa Ebizo came out in traditional Japanese costume together Tommy Lee Jones. Hollywood actor apparently felt uncomfortable because he was called to follow certain regulations. The person at Di Jones to be extremely expressive, so nervous and trilled that the photograph it is difficult. Ebizo Ichikawa XI has participated on stage in the 25-minute snippet is quite surprising for a Kabuki play “Hana no Yoshiwara Оtokodate”. All, apparently, traditional costumes, music, road colors, but the heroes suddenly fell to the stage, sativali bare feet, showing us a bright red underpants. Funny, but unusual. This is probably as weird as the fact that the actor is archaic theater part-time and even blogger. The play tells of the journey of a young man in a particular quarter to meet a geisha, and of the knowledge of the art of love. Is everything in the Edo period.

The play was preceded by a screening of the film “Gates of hell”, filmed in 1953 and received on the 7th Cannes film festival Grand Prix (then it is consistent with the current “Golden palm”). The jury of 1954 was headed by the famous French playwright and novelist Jean Cocteau. Teinosuke of Cungus became the first Japanese Director to receive this award. “Gates of hell” also won two Oscars in the category “Best foreign language film” and for costume design. This is the story of a struggle between two clans for power, and also about the samurai of the 12th century, fell in love with a married woman. The film restored and coloured so brightly that it resembles some of our works in the spirit of “Funny pictures” that destroyed the original appearance and spirit of the classics of Russian cinema. It is curious that Cungus started as a performer roles of women in film in 1918, which corresponds to the tradition of Kabuki theater. But in 20 years, his services refused, as the role of women began to play an actress. Teinosuke and then moved to filmmaking. At the Tokyo festival, all the attention, and certainly this historical fact is intentionally looped drama of the festive evening in Kabuki. Guests of the festival were waiting and another surprise. Traditionally, viewers receive a box of traditional Japanese food, about the same as a century ago. Then a feast of fish, rice, sweet potato and Lotus, decorated with small maple leaves. And dedicated to the gourmet dinner, which the audience got to eat in the pit, lay on a velvet railing sacred to the Japanese, mount Fuji. What was solemnly announced from the stage to the delight of the audience..

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