“Rajoy announced the decision to send in resignation of the government of Catalonia

– The Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy announced on Friday about the decision to dismiss the government (Executive government) of Catalonia, led by Carles Buchtemann, reports the newspaper El Pais.

In addition, he reported that on 21 December 2017 will be held early elections to the Catalan Parliament.

In particular, in resignation, in addition to Pokdemon, go Deputy Prime Minister of the Catalan government, Oriol Junqueras.

“We are not talking about the suspension of self-government, and on his return to normal operation as soon as possible… I dissolved the Parliament of Catalonia, and 21 December there will be elections”, stressed Rajoy.

However, he assured that he is ready to listen to the opinion of the people of Catalonia about the future of autonomy.

The Prime Minister of Spain has also been suspended from duty the Director General of the Catalan police, the Mossos Re sole. Also M. Rajoy ordered the closure of all overseas offices of Catalonia.

On Friday, members of the Catalonian Parliament during the vote supported the region’s independence from Spain.

In less than an hour after the vote in the Catalan Parliament, the Spanish Senate supported the application in respect of the region of article 155 of the Spanish Constitution, which allows Madrid to limit the autonomy of Catalonia.

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