Scam on the name of Stalin: pensioners set this up with a “unique medal”

The resident of the Metropolitan area Krylatskoe pensioner Natalia Nikolaevna was a shock. She received a letter from “Imperial mint” with the offer to buy shares at a rare medal with Stalin’s image. And quite cheaply, the product of pure silver is only 699 rubles! But best offer is called at the pensioner only outrage and protest. “How could they send that to me?! — protested 60-year-old woman, bringing in the “MK” ill-fated booklet. — Me, whose father the fault of Stalin a year spent in Butyrka, because he was a classmate of “enemy of the people”!”

We were excited and confused more. First, since when the mint began printing coins with the image of Stalin? Especially some of the Imperial… At the end of Goznak only two companies, which have the corresponding function: the Moscow mint and Saint Petersburg mint. How legitimate the actions of the organization, hinting at a Royal heritage? The letter was sent to a specific address to a specific person. That is unfortunate Natalia appears from this company in the list of “trustworthy people” — whether fans of Stalin, or the avid coin collectors, or simply paying citizens. On what basis at all entrance only chose it as a destination — is unclear.

To get a grasp more closely… and saw that a medal with a diameter of 23 mm and weighing 6.28 grams produced at the Saint-Petersburg mint. Anyway, that was listed in the brochure.

— This medal products, we have not yet produced, told us at the mint. — Medal with the image of Stalin is inappropriate to release even part of the series “Rulers of Russia”, because the chain of Soviet leaders had to be interrupted. Well, said we would, say, Lenin, Stalin and Brezhnev, because they have no heirs. (In the coin industry heirs are only children, and the mint has no right to produce products with the image of rulers who have living children. — Ed.) But Yeltsin, Gorbachev and Putin, we will not be able to produce. Therefore, the series of “Rulers of Russia” we have logically completes the last Russian Tsar. And then, our medals are marked accordingly.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov
Procurement of medals at the mint.

Call the “hotline” of “Imperial mint”. I called the card number of the reservation from the booklet, and the operator kindly told me that the party of the medals with a profile of Stalin is limited (who would doubt!), and I need to hurry to buy a perfect specimen.

We recommend you reserve your copy as soon as possible, she said. — To get this unique silver commemorative medal, you need to send us by mail your official map reservation. Money send is not necessary! Once your order is accepted we will send you an email confirmation. Then you send the money and receive a unique medal and a certificate of authenticity cash on delivery, without any risk, at the price of 699 rubles.

— However Saint-Petersburg mint, to which you refer, this coin was not minted. And not even going.


— The girl, who minted this medal?

— Wait, now I know… (Pause.) Any additional information I have. The documentation that came with the medals States that it was produced at Saint-Petersburg mint.

Thank you, we all understand.

Call the expert in the field minted commemorative tokens, the editor of the magazine “Numismatics” Natalia Chestnut. The expert sighs:

— Mark of a mint (MMD and SPMD) to the photos of the coin are seen. So it’s not their products. But nobody forbids organizations to produce so-called Souvenirs. Discover the firm, create manufacturing and coin. Copper, tin, iron… Another thing — articles of of precious metals. Then the organization must have a license from the assay inspection on this type of activity. On the website “Imperial mint” I’m such a license is not found. But we have found many foreign coins at crazy prices. For example, the medal with the image of the Madonna is 49 thousand rubles, although the red price it — three times below.

The project of the order of Stalin.

My opinion: do not understand do not buy. Especially over the Internet. And the size of the medals arouse suspicion. As the medal can be 23 mm — that is, with the thumb nail? Stalin and nail…

— This is absolutely not a medal, and the so-called medal token, specified for us this slippery time, the chief editor of the magazine “Balistica” Alexander Baranov. And if you are confused by too small a price, do the math. Silver now costs 30 rubles per gram. 6 grams is 180 rubles. The rest, as I understand it, is a wizard, so I think the price for the silver badge is quite adequate.

— If “Imperial mint” reports that this medal was minted by the Saint Petersburg mint, is that fraud?

— I would say — misrepresentation… But there is one caveat. Moscow and Saint-Petersburg mints have the right to take private commissions. But again, this was not — so in their brochures, the firm is spreading false information.

— If I want to become an entrepreneur and to produce coins and medals, what should I do?

— Think of a beautiful name. “Imperial” is a good name of your own, because the Empire is long gone, and in the claims, no one will.

— Alexander, and Stalin ever minted?

— On the coins — no, but during the great Patriotic war was the idea to produce the order of Stalin. However, it rejected the Supreme Commander, because, in his view, it was immodest. Union bonists issued private paper money with a picture of Stalin on the 70th anniversary of the Victory. They went home collections.

— As you consider, to whom is this merchandise with the claim?

— Of course, for those for whom Stalin is a hero. They will not read, but simply bought, because the price low. Well, then, as they say, “quality on risk of the buyer”.

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