“The court adjourned on 23 November, the bankruptcy of the Bank “Ugra”

– The arbitration court of Moscow on Friday has postponed to November 23 consideration of the application of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on bankruptcy of the Bank “Ugra”, the correspondent of “Interfax” from the courtroom.

The court, therefore, granted the petition of the representative of the owners of the Bank “Ugra” adjournment. The statement was motivated by the need to study the presented CBR a few days ago documents.

The representative of the Bank of Russia has opposed the adjournment and said that this person may be a participant in the process of bankruptcy at the current stage. His position was supported by representatives of the interim administration and the Agency for Deposit insurance (DIA).

The meeting also noted that the appeal filed against the acceptance to manufacture of the statement for bankruptcy of the Bank “Ugra”.

The court, having heard the statements of the parties, adjourned the meeting.

The Bank of Russia filed a bankruptcy petition of “Ugra” on 7 August.

CBR revoked the license of the “Yugra” since July 28. Prior to that, from July 10, the regulator has introduced in the Bank a temporary administration in the face of the Agency for Deposit insurance, as well as the moratorium on satisfaction of creditors ‘ claims (by law it is insured). The amount of payments to depositors were estimated at 170 billion rubles. The main owner of the Bank Alexey Hotin suggested the Bank rescue plan “Ugra”, but the regulator found it unrealistic and revoked the Bank’s license.

The negative capital of the Bank “Ugra” after dosoznanie reserves estimated at 7.04 billion.

The court on 10 November upheld the introduction of temporary administration and moratorium. The arbitration court of Moscow has appointed to November 13 the basic session under the claim of the Bank “Ugra” for the CBR to revoke the license.

The Bank “Ugra” in the first half of 2017 took the 33rd place in terms of assets and 12th place by the volume of funds of natural persons in the ranking “Interfax-100”.

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