“The European Commission will Fund breakthrough research and innovation in 2018-2020

Brussels. 27 Oct. INTERFAX – the European Commission said on Friday how it intends to spend 30 billion euros on the program of funding research and innovation at the 2018-2020 Horizon 2020, of which EUR 2.7 billion was designed to launch the European Council on innovation.

“Artificial intelligence, genetics, blockchain: science is the basis of today’s most promising disruptive innovations. Europe is at the forefront of science and technology globally and will play an important role in innovation,” said member of the European Commission for research, science and innovation Carlos Moedas at a press conference in Brussels.

According to him, the European Commission will act jointly with the European Council on innovation, which today is taking the first steps “to enable many innovative European companies a springboard to leadership in the world.”

Horizon 2020 is a European funding programme for research and innovation with a budget of 77 billion euros, which supports a high degree of scientific excellence in Europe and contributes to the impressive scientific breakthroughs such as the discovery of exoplanets and gravitational waves explained in the European Commission.

In the next three years, the European Commission plans to strengthen the impact of your research funding, concentrating on a smaller number of topics and selecting the most relevant ones, as migration, security, climate, clean energy, digital economy. The program will also give preference to a breakthrough innovation that creates markets.

Moedas announced that the European Commission launches the first phase of the work of the European Council on innovation. In 2018-2020 it will allocate 2.7 billion euros from the budget of the program “Horizon 2020” to support innovation, high risk and high return and thereby begin to create a future market.
In the communiqué of the European Commission, released on Friday, called the political priorities of Brussels in the field of innovation.

The inventory includes low-carbon energy (3.3 billion euros), circular economy (EUR 1 billion), the transition to a digital economy and the corresponding changes in European industry and services (1.7 billion euros), the formation of Union security (1 billion euros), migration (200 million euros).

A budget of 2.2 billion euros will be allocated for projects of “clean energy” in four areas: renewables, building energy efficient buildings, electric vehicle, accumulation of electricity. While 200 million euros, designed to support development and production in Europe electric batteries for the new generation.

The program “Horizon 2020” will continue financing of research in the field of fundamental science. For 2018 this provides a 1.86 billion Euro.
It is also planned to develop international cooperation in research and innovation. It is expected to invest over 1 billion euros in 30 design of international initiatives with the expectation of mutual benefit.

The EU intends to share their innovative experiences with the EU member States and associated countries that have not fully participated in the program “Horizon 2020”, said the European Commission. In 2018-2020 for assistance to such countries provided 460 million euros.

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