“”The last hero”: not the last hero

In the Russian rolling out the fairy tale from Disney

Still from the film

– On the screens released film “the Last hero” is the third picture from Disney, shot in Russia.

Simple Moscow guy Ivan (Viktor Horinyak) in the evening turns into a White mage Svetozar – in the popular show about psychics it will remove evil eye and cleans karma. So when he suddenly finds himself in the flood plains where all telling him that he was the son of Ilya Muromets and the last hero, and this country Belogore, of course he does not believe and asks who’s the producer. But when there begins to happen all hell, Ivan agrees to go for a sword-kladenets in the company of bones (Konstantin Lavronenko), Baba Yaga (Yelena Yakovleva) and Vasilisa (Mila Sivaca). In pursuit of them goes evil barbarian Princess (Ekaterina Vilkova), which knows how to draw the good fellows to stone.

Previous films made by Disney in Russia (first of all, the debut “the Book of masters”), were outright failures, and therefore little hope for a new Studio project was not. But the film Dmitry Dyachenko good not only against the background of these low ambitions – he’s just good. The credit for this first of all, the screenwriters of “the Last hero”. We look at the magical world through the eyes of Ivan – man of the XXI century are accustomed to ubiquitous mobile communications and mobile gadgets, which feels uncomfortable without these benefits of civilization, – in short, very similar to us. Ivan the singer of Horinyak, fits perfectly into the image of a simple guy who is really causing great sympathy. All the jokes (there is one even about Vladimir Vladimirovich) and gags about how he found himself in a magical world, the funny, and are designed not only children but also adults.

The idea to move the film in the Russian tale, where the heroes – the wizard, warriors and dragon – familiar to everyone from childhood, it seems good. But the more Ivan climbs into the wilds of the magical world, the more I start to limp plot. It is clear that the trials through which the hero, symbolic, and must show the spiritual growth of the hero, but they are somehow very schematically depicted, and modernized with computer graphics evil look rather ridiculous and some non-native. The separate disappointment is the final battle, hectic and unentertaining, which occurs in the interiors, reminiscent of middling Russian restaurant.

It is possible to show “Last hero” still happy claims. Why was it necessary to invite a great actor Timothy Tribuntsev (here in fact once again fulfilled its role of “the Monk and the demon”) for two minutes in the frame? So why make up artist Yakovlev, that it becomes almost unrecognizable? Why the characters are on the Bay under unremarkable song in English?

But it is rather minor quibbles, and “the Last hero” is honest and not a failure to make a good Disney family movie for the Russian audience. And the attempt is clearly not torture movie look happy.

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