The most worthless YCL: President and Yuri Loza remember a Komsomol youth

Sunday marks 99 years of the Komsomol. Many modern teenagers do not even know that it was an organization that took all of fourteen and took care of until adulthood. But the middle and older generations often regret that their children and grandchildren his “Komsomol”. “MK” asked to share memories and thoughts about the Komsomol people who are grateful to him.

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Viktor MISHIN, first Secretary of the Komsomol Central Committee from 1992 to 1996: “Komsomol was awarded the prize for young scientists and people of art. It was a very prestigious award for moral incentive and material support. In honor of the 99th anniversary of the organization of veterans will gather in the hall of columns at the concert of laureates of this award — people who Komsomol helped to create in life. Komsomol for each of us meant almost as much as the parents. Whatever, said if the Komsomol were a burden for young people is not true. Of course, there was the tediousness. But the mother, who gave the young man the abyss, to be lost. If a high school student stopped going to school — the young Communist League figured out what was wrong with him. Now that nobody does. Through Komsomol meetings it was possible to summon the elders with their ideas and claims. Students in this organization gave to show themselves and experience a romantic adventure. In contrast to the more conservative party, the young Communist League took its decision with peculiar to youth violence. I remember right after the XVII Congress of the Komsomol, the same evening, from the floor people went to the station and the first unit went to BAM. Greater solidarity than members of the Komsomol, there can not be. Even security officers have no such solidarity. Because the League relationship sprang up on emotions and sympathy. Liked the people to each other — began to work together. Then, in adult life, will have to work with who you have, not who you like. But the Komsomol friendship will thread through a lifetime. And now we, the veterans of the Komsomol, going for anniversaries not to smear the salty tears on his cheeks flabby and remember what we were naughty and nice. We meet to return attention of the state and society to the problems of modern youth”.

Askar AKAYEV, laureate of the Lenin Komsomol prize, the first President of Kyrgyzstan: “I was a member of the Komsomol, but was most interested in science, so social work is not fond of. Thanks to my YCL, which understood this and did not burden me Komsomolskaya orders. Therefore, from an organizational point of view, me only connects Komsomol award that was given to me for research. But I knew that this organization needed, and in particular began to understand what we lost when the Komsomol was not. We are now looking for a personnel reserve, are good organizers, are conducting seminars for managers. And the Komsomol of the necessary quality, they raised their activists systematically, gradually and without any overstrain. As if by itself, it worked. Now people in leadership positions find randomly, and then — already in Komsomol was clear who to what kind of activities is more and that fit. This was a school of personnel shifts. Active young people have found a use, and not wasted energy or wasted on something negative. Unfortunately, when I became President, we could not save the young Communist League. Not because someone was against it (claims existed only to the title). Not because I didn’t want to help the young Communist League. Just wasn’t up to it. Hard time, had a lot of problems, didn’t know what to feed people. This had to think about something else — once. Sorry. From the Komsomol, the Komsomol came many prominent people.”

Yuri LOZA, poet and musician: “I was a Komsomol group. I missed the first meeting of the Komsomol, and while I was gone — I was selected. Because I not only was able to give himself or herself. Who has not out — and hanged. I was the horseradish YCL group from all that you can imagine. Didn’t do anything, but I basically liked it. At first I wanted to resist, but then I thought: why? Better to look for the good. And came up with a clever way of existence: locked the door of a MOP when the group was going to the meeting, and said, “Guys, either sitting here an hour and a half, and I’ll figure out something for you to do, or rent for 10 cents.” I came up with, what with Vietnam on the conservation of populations of cats… And since we were a group of 24 people, you get forty-two. Despite the fact that a mug of beer cost 22 kopecks. Komsomol members were willing to pay tribute for the fact that they are not tortured, and I practiced it to those that passed the phony reports about the work done. If all this happened a few years later — it would be possible to use the status of the YCL to organize concerts and dances. But when the young Communist League began to change and I became a musician — our journey with this organization has already dispersed. I finished University and moved from Alma-ATA to Moscow. Broke up with the young Communist League and not remain young forever”.

Konstantin ZATULIN, a state Duma Deputy, Director of the Institute of CIS countries: “After finishing graduate school (1985 — M. Z.) I was associated with Komsomol work in the Komsomol Central Committee, where he tried, like many others, to pre-empt the impending crisis, offer solutions. I focused on the issues of the Komsomol of the economy, centers of scientific-technical creativity of youth, created the Association of young business leaders of the USSR. We then hoped that we will be able to grow public-minded entrepreneurs, but, unfortunately, after 1991, the Komsomol did not, and came to power, Gaidar and Chubais left the beginners cry: “get rich,” and they had a ball. This gave rise to the problem of “wild capitalism” of the nineties. If the young Communist League held on — things would be different. The merit of the young Communist League that he taught not only to control people, raise them on some work, but to understand what a responsibility. It was a school of civilized, moral management. The young Communist League went ahead of the party. Its officials did not understand what a joint-stock company, and the Komsomol has created JSC for the production of toys. The party destroyed the economy with their throwing, the young Communist League has consistently opened youth co-operatives, leisure centres, has hit upon the path, which then moved to China to modernize without destroying. Another important feature of the Komsomol — it expanded the possibility of communication. I don’t know, do now between the students of different faculties of MSU, and the General Komsomol organizations were given the opportunity to meet physicists lyricists, historians — to understand the logic of mathematicians.”

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