“The Spanish Senate introduced direct control of Madrid in Catalonia

The Catalan Parliament earlier on Friday voted in favor of independence from Spain

Photo: Reuters

– The Senate of Spain supported the application of article 155 of the Spanish Constitution that allows you to enter the direct control of Madrid in Catalonia, said on Friday the newspaper El Pais.

Voted “for” the 214 senators against 47 one abstention.

In turn, the Catalan Parliament on Friday voted in favor of independence from Spain.

The government of Spain at an emergency meeting last Saturday took a decision on the application of article 155 of the Spanish Constitution in respect of Catalonia. In accordance with this article all around Catalonia can be removed from power, and leadership in this Autonomous community of Spain will carry out a representative appointed by Madrid, and then in Catalonia after the election.

According to Rajoy, “this measure is applied to restore the rule of law, normal functioning, recovery and elections in Catalonia”. Later in the briefing, the Prime Minister explained that the decision means neither the suspension of the powers of the Generalitat, as the Executive authority of Catalonia, or suspend the status of autonomy of Catalonia.

“The government will remain the property, but he will obey the orders of the new authorities, appointed by the government of Spain. The Autonomous status of Catalonia was also not suspended,” said Rajoy.

October 1, Catalonia held a referendum on independence, which were actually broken by law enforcement authorities in Spain and was accompanied by mass riots. The constitutional court of Spain recognized the vote is not in conformity with the Constitution.

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