“Ukraine will make a feature film about extinct in the 1930-ies the tenants of the writers’ home in Kharkiv

– The state Agency of Ukraine for the movie examines the filmed documentary “Adobes “Word” (“House “the Word” – writers ‘ home in Kharkiv) as the beginning of a larger project and are ready to begin financing a feature film of the same name, said the Chairman of Goskino Philip Ilyenko.

“This tape only opens a wider project. It’s a documentary. In plans of the State Agency of Ukraine on film financing full-length feature film, the Director who will also be Taras Tomenko. And this film will be called “Adobes “Word”. We are ready to do it… I Hope that next year it will be put into production,” said F. Ilyenko at a press conference in Kharkiv on Friday.

He said that after the national premiere of the documentary in Kharkov, and then in several cities, the film will go into wide release.

As reported, a feature-length documentary film “Adobes “Word” (“House “the Word”) tells the story of the extermination of the Ukrainian intelligentsia – writers, who lived under the same roof in the house “Slovo” in Kharkiv and shot in the 30-ies of the last century.

The main filming location was built in the 1920-ies cooperative of writers house “the Word” in str Culture, 9. The house was moved in 1930, and after 3 years started a wave of repression and for 5 years (until 1938) were repressed residents of the forty of the sixty-three apartments of the writer’s house. Many were shot. The shooting took place in the theater. Shevchenko, where was the theater “Berezil” Les Kurbas and the Literary Museum.

The Director of the film – Taras Tomenko. Script writers – Taras Tomenko, Ukrainian poet Lyubov Yakymchuk and literary critic Yaryna Tsymbal.

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