Where chasing elk

At the meeting of young writers, one an aspiring author submitted a story that began with the fact that elk from one known to him the reasons were in the cow herd. Well and with them went where all in the village.

photo: Ivan Skryplev

That is about as Ksenia Sobchak was in the presidential election campaign.

Of course, not absolutely so, but only in the sense that the moose do not understand anywhere. It is clear that if the cow was in a herd of elk or a bull in a herd of elk, then everything would be different.

But even in this case, the young author did not understand that this moose to do next. Though it is the intent of the seminar everyone enjoyed it. Again, like in the case of Xenia, which first stated that “the candidate against all” is very appealing without thinking slogan.

To help the beginner writer, some of the venerable from the place shouted: “Chase elk next!”

But chasing elk, not so easy as it seems at first glance. Especially when there is no program, not even the election (moose is hardly expected that kind of a cow he was elected), but just to indicate the purpose of the movement, which is running the rest is quite clear.

Elk in this case, too, there were questions, like, much further — whether to Khodorkovsky, or to Bulk, whether in the Crimea.

In the case of Ksenia Sobchak, perhaps, whether the old advisors were gone and no new, or, on the contrary, they became too much.

The trouble is that none of us knows how to calculate the consequences, to see at least a few steps forward.

However, not only us. For example, the ancient Greek stoic philosopher Chrysippus once drank wine, though not moose and his donkey and died of laughter watching drunken beast trying to eat figs straight from the tree.

We can assume that Chrysippus himself was not too sober when he took such a hasty decision, or even that he just was not the company with whom to get drunk.

Well Chrysippus. Well Poroshenko, who called Putin and asked why Russia in response to Ukrainian sanctions introduced their. Well, in the end, the donkey who also would know when to stop when drinking. But we have something, we have decisions must be sober!

The Ministry of economic development and Ministry of Finance in the role of moose is the Russian ruble, which they want to send to God knows where along the path of devaluation. And all the damn budget deficit, which wants to close, and there though the grass not to grow. Even retail will be bent, let the citizens start struggling to buy dollars, which they occasionally do.

But the question of where to drive seniors to work or not to work — is more confused. Just passed a message that the government wants to increase the minimum seniority required for a pension, which the labour Ministry immediately refuted, as the previous about increasing the retirement age. That is kind and wants retirees worked, but then they begin to drive in the other direction: the pensions of hardworking not to index. According to experts, the year the Pension Fund has saved approximately 25 billion rubles, but about 3 million pensioners either stopped working or started to work without employment record books. The loss of the Pension Fund amounted to about 20 billion rubles. And if you cancel the work book (another idea), it did not gather.

In early March of this year, the Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has instructed the Duma Committee on rules to prepare amendments that would oblige the government to provide at the request of the deputies to evaluate the effects of laws on financial and economic policy. It took more than six months, but there was silence.

It remains to hope that in the near future as a compulsory subject is introduced chess. Maybe then over time, our bureaucratic body will be replenished with a new high-quality Acacemy Akakievich that will be able to calculate something a few moves ahead.

Simon Semyonitch


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