“God Kuzya” resigned pyro Kalinin rampant: the religious fanatics behind bars

Not all religious fanatics prison act the same way. One it helps helps to come back to reality where they are no longer mission and not seers. A great example of this — the Muscovite Andrey Popov, aka “God Kuzya”, aka “the Bishop affair”, the founder Patriarch of the sect, whose house in 2014 during the search found a box of money (more than 200 million rubles and 150 thousand dollars).

Other religious leaders detention only irritating and enters into an even greater frenzy. And example of this — Alexander Kalinin, leader of the “Christian state,” calling this summer to set fire to the cinemas because of the show “Matilda”.

By an amazing coincidence, both are now sitting in the legendary “prison”, and they camera is nearby.

Features of stay of jail inmates who committed their crimes on religious grounds, — in the article “MK”.

Alexander Kalinin. Photo: Social Networks.

Generally in jail for the last time, got a lot of religious fanatics, who, under the guise of faith have called for violence, arson, collected from the parishioners money, was forced to have sex, etc.

— There were many in the Soviet era — said the priest Valery Stepanov. — But before worked well mental health services, she was monitoring the situation. Now it is not. And we are not prevention with them, nor with a population that goes to them for “preaching” comes into their sect.

“God Kuzya” held in “Butyrka” 2 years and 2 months. Period big even taking into account the complexity of the case. All last year he was in the same cell designed for four people.

— During this time of change as many of the inmates — someone left, others came, — he said. But with all relations were good.

I must say that Popov’s not lying, none of the prisoners did not complain about it. And the staff consider him a model prisoner. From the first days of his stay in prison, “God Kuzya” quickly realized that any benefits from its “divinity” here will not get, but the problem would be weight. Instead of loving him to the fanaticism of the parishioners here he was surrounded by the accused under article “Fraud”. And among them there are such mothers that they themselves will dissolve any of the Church’s founder, so much so that he gives them a last property.

In General, the priests used to the new reality and does not stand out from the other prisoners, though there was never a “Bishop”, “preacher”, “mission”. He has even built his past life where he was a regular and scored an overgrown child.

Is only in jail I’m no longer afraid of people, he says. — And I was scared. Were mostly home schooled, all with the mother but with the mother, so that people are not accustomed to. I when to school led, I followed mommy’s skirt was hiding. And in adult life with little people contact.

It’s hard to believe that it says the same Andrei Popov, who collected in his “Church” hundreds of followers, ready to serve him, to give him all their savings to unsubscribe, apartment, etc.

— The number of my admirers exaggerated — he says humbly.

Modest and quiet, he had recently “cured”, “prophesying” about yourself, publicly declared: “I judge” and put themselves above Christ. And recall that in sect “Kuzi” was practiced even beaten with whips.

“God Kuzya”. Photo: Social Networks.

What are the dramatic changes? Maybe he really is just a professional con man? Forensic medical examination, which was conducted by the specialists of the Center. Serbian, found him completely sane.

According to the priest Stepanova, this does not mean that he is mentally healthy.

In my opinion, he has a split personality — says Stepanov. The average adventurer is difficult to say so to him went the faithful. He has to believe what it is broadcasting. As soon as we believed — it starts with a split personality. Priests have always been with mobile psyche, he needs to see a psychiatrist, even if outwardly it does not apparent now. This does not mean that he should be released from criminal liability. He needs to communicate more often with the prison priest.

I was all the time in the temple “Butyrki” three times, complains of the priests. — On the outside, I attended Church twice a day.

“God Kuzya”, however, fails to mention that this temple was homemade and was located in a private home.

Note, the criminal case of “God Kuzi” is about to be submitted to the court. Has ended the procedure of familiarization with the materials. In the case of Popov, it was unprecedented. The fact that he had poor eyesight (one eye is blind). In the end, the investigator spent a year in jail come and read aloud to him (!) all 75 volumes of the criminal case. After a few months he was so adept in this business, what was read materials with expression, accurately and without errors in pronunciation, like in the recitation competition. In the end, “sessions” liked both and investigator and fellow inmate.

In General, it is a separate issue — how to improve investigative actions with blind inmates. They even signed their can not deliver by the fact that the investigator wrote.

The priests asked permission to tell a story on tape and to attach the record to the case, says one of the employees “Butyrki”. But it’s not in our competence. He also requests audiobooks, but in the internal Regulations of the detention center about them it is told nothing.

Photo: Social Networks.


Alexander Kalinin grid and ascetic atmosphere of the chamber in feeling has not resulted. On the contrary, he rather raises their cellmates about not only revolted him of the movie “Matilda”, but in General events in the modern world.

In your “temporary dwelling”, he made the iconostasis in the corner hung with icons. Moreover, it directly into the camera regularly, the priest comes to give communion and confess. But beneficial change has yet occurred.

— Thank God that I’m here, otherwise I would have arranged them at the premiere, he says. — Kept the Lord! Me better a little longer to produce. And once released — will see what happens. Such creativity in Russia will not, as long as I live. At least cut me to pieces, I will stand my ground. Offended true believers, I will protect them.

— What are you talking about? Because you yourself are not sinless. You were convicted of the murder of innocent women.

— Yes, I committed a folly, I confess. Sometimes in life things.

Murder is stupid?

— Abortion is worse than killing. And it makes virtually every woman. And look, now the actors and Director of “Matilda” move protection, it says that they are afraid. Me and my followers. Many of us, thousands! So I just will…

— People participated in the brutal murder and it is clear that this could not affect the psyche — says Valery. — He is insane. Why they aren’t looking out after its release? He needs psychiatric help, but such help is by law voluntary.

That’s why it can’t translate to a mental hospital “Butyrka”. But, according to the head of the detention center, if the Kalinin will be a threat to other prisoners, will do it.

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