“In Somalia arrested three attackers at a hotel in Mogadishu

Two more militants were killed by security personnel

On the site of the explosion near the hotel Nasa-Hablod 2 in Mogadiscio: Reuters

Services Somali security managed to detain militants from the group that the day before after a double bombing attempted attack on the hotel Nasa-Hablod 2 near the Palace of President of Somalia in Mogadishu, according to the Western media.

In мире29 Oct 2017Число of the victims of the terrorist attack in Somalia has risen to 23 chelovechishche read more

“Five armed men stormed the building, two of them were killed and the rest captured. Security services are still searching for victims, we don’t know the exact number of victims,” the media quoted the representative of the Ministry of security of Somalia, told reporters.

The suicide bomber detonated installed in the car bomb at the hotel Nasa-Hablod 2, located near the presidential residence. After a few minutes exploded near a minibus loaded with explosives. Then came the attack on the hotel.

According to the latest data, as noted by the media, are considered as the dead 23 people, wounded at least 30.

Responsibility for the attack took on terrorist group “Al-Shabab”.

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