“Losing sucks”: the main events of the week of the week in the NHL

“MK” represents to your attention the traditional rating at the end of the third week in the strongest hockey League in the world — the National hockey League (NHL).

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

1) The “Vegas Golden Knights” – “Colorado Avalanche” – 7:0

On Friday, the “Vegas Golden knights” completed its seven-match ban home cycle. And ended on a positive note. The team of Gerard Galland of not a stone was left from the “Colorado avalanche”, his opponent scoring seven unanswered goals. This is the biggest margin this week, so to miss this occasion we could not. And not only that, more importantly, this is the fifth win in a row. The word “knights” repeated the achievement the Rangers in the season of 1926-27 and the Edmonton oilers in the 1979-80 season. And if you look at the indicators from the beginning of the season, they have already reached 8-1-0, thereby, setting a new benchmark for future new comers in the NHL.

But a long series of games on home ice over. To take points on “T-mobile Arena” managed only “Detroit red wings”. And now starts a new series – the guest. It will be a real test for the knights, it is unlikely that there are still teams that perceive the club from Las Vegas seriously. Now the “Golden knights” goes to the big tour, consisting of six games outside of the native platform. First stop, new York! And already on Monday! Not for nothing, this day is considered heavy. Well, coming back home will take place on 10 November.

2)”Tampa Bay lightning” simulation with a human face

Before the season, EA Sports conducted a simulation of the current season in my new video game NHL 18. According to its results, the team “Tampa Bay lightning” won the Stanley Cup, and the Russian forward Nikita Kucherov won the Maurice Richard Trophy, becoming the best sniper of the regular championship. In a decisive series of “lightning” deal with the Edmonton oilers, and in the final conference – “Pittsburgh penguins”.

The team of John Cooper from the first game of the regular season began to implement “plan by EA Sports” to life. A great start was continued in the past week. The first victim was the previously mentioned “Pittsburgh”. Tampa Bay got their virtual opponent in the Eastern conference finals already with the score 7:1. Crosby and Co. that night didn’t count, because 7 points for two chalked armor bundle – Stamkos-Kucherov.

Next was the away win at “Carolina” with the account 5:1. Well, the match against “Detroit red wings” (3:2) became a pantry with new records and achievements. Steven Stamkos and Nikita Kucherov became the seventh since 1992 by the tandem of forwards, starting with 11 scoring games in a row. And goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy repeated the achievement of another fellow Nikolai Khabibulin, winning for the eighth time in a row.

And what we have at the moment: Tampa Bay leads the Eastern conference. Nikita Kucherov – the best scorer (12 goals). Steven Stamkos the best goal+assist system (4+16).

Gorgeous results suggest that hockey SIM from EA Sports is really not wrong, considering the “Tampa” main favorite of the season, and Nikita Kucherov its top scorer. Worth noting: last year in NHL 17 was predicted output “Nashville Predators” in the Western conference finals.

3) Vadim Shipachev – where to go?

If we mostly talk about what “Vegas Golden knights” gives players the chance to revive his career, gives us hope and passion, the case of Vadim Vadim shipachyov exactly the opposite.

This spring, the former player SKA has signed a contract with freshly baked NHL team. The agreement was for two years with an average salary of $ 4.5 million per season. And like all good: Gagarin Cup winner (2015, 2017), participant of two world Championships and world Cup. The striker, who scored 481 points in 527 games in the KHL, would have to ignite in the NHL, and even the team right, new, without big names. But things did not go according to plan.

Sipacheva immediately sent to the AHL because the team had too much players and the place to Russia, after the summer training camp was not. And as a temporary measure it was not. Only when three players of the main team was injured, the Russians had a chance. Ten minutes of playing time in three games the striker has earned in the utility indicator +3 and scored one goal. Despite this productivity, after injured players began to return, our hero was again sent to the AHL. The head coach felt Sipacheva still damp for the first team.

And now this week it became known that the General Manager of the “Golden knights” George McPhee giving the nod to the agent of the player in search of a new club. The Russians have several options: a transfer to another club of the NHL, the termination of the contract and return home or to remain in the current team. I sincerely hope that Shipachev did choose the last option and will prove to everyone that it was undervalued.

4)Alexander Radulov – for themselves and for the guy.

This week the Russian striker “Dallas Rhinestone” had the rhythm “for yourself and the guy.” In the last match against “calgary flames” forward the Texas team scored the winning goal, and in the final seconds was blocked a dangerous shot, which could equalize. Following the meeting, Alexander became the first star.

Earlier in the game against the Edmonton oilers forward scored: scored a goal and gave two assists. But two minutes before the end of the match with the score 4:4 the puck ricocheted off the skate of Alexander and into the net by Ben Bishop, bringing the “oilers” win. Then noticed Radulov: “Losing sucks”.

But not to note the progress of Alexander it is impossible! And despite the bright start, is now in the asset Russian 8 (3+5) points in 11 games.

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