“Madrid have offered dismissed Podemno to participate in new elections

The Spanish government was scheduled for December snap elections to the Parliament of Catalonia

Carles Pucemoose: epa/vostock-photo

– The Spanish government would welcome the decision of the former chief Executive of Catalonia Carles Pokdemon to continue a political career and to participate in new elections, reports “Bi-bi-si” with reference to the statement of the official representative of the Cabinet, iñigo méndez de Vigo.

Madrid Pokdemon previously sent in resignation. New elections to the Parliament of the autonomy is scheduled for December.

“The Catalans will be able to Express what they feel in connection with everything that has happened over the last year. Including all cases of violations of the law and attempts to put themselves above the law,” said Mendez de Vigo, commenting on the elections.

Pujdeme previously called on supporters of Catalan independence to a democratic protest against direct rule of Madrid and promised to continue “building a free country.”

In мире28 Oct 2017В the Spanish government has urged the judiciary to respond to the behavior to Buchgemeinschaft read more

Spain was in political crisis after the autonomy referendum on independence, which was recognized as the official Madrid illegal. More than 90% of voters supported the independence of Catalonia. According to the organizers, the site came about 43% of the voting rights.

After that, the regional Parliament was dissolved and Pujdeme dismissed.

In Catalonia held several rallies in support of independence, expected on Sunday, 29 October will go to the streets opponents of separation.

As recalled by “bi-Bi-si”, the political crisis will continue on the football field: real Madrid will play against Girona – favorite team Pokdemon.

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