Rapper Oxxxymiron explained the refusal to give an interview with the Dude: just don’t need

Popular Russian rap artist Miron Fyodorov, known as Oxxxymiron, before the concert in St. Petersburg ice Palace told why he refused to give an interview to the great journalist Yuri Dude. By the way, he had interviewed Vyacheslav Masnova (Purulent), which in the end of the show Versus won Oximoron.

Photo: Instagram Of Oxymoron

The rapper has denied the suggestion that he allegedly fears some provocative questions. According to him, these issues simply no, besides they can just not answer.

“I went to the Dude because he gave us this topic, that we need to collect the “Ice” and “Olympic”,” – said!! in a video posted to the TV channel “Rain” (original entry in Instagram Lev Chulkov).

According to the rapper, he’s the only one who didn’t go to the Dude. But anyone in the audience still gathered. “Just that we need them, not they us. The dude salute. But we just don’t need,” he said, thanking those who came.

While Oxxxymiron stressed that there is no negative to the journalist had not.

The videos on the Youtube channel Dude collect millions of views. Journalist are sometimes criticized for sounding during the interview mate. Note that the Dude has interviewed such artists as Noize MC, Jah Khalib, Face, Body, Narimono Theophanes and others.

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