“Rouhani stated mistrust of the US administration

– Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday in Parliament, said that the US desire to amend the agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program is causing significant damage to the reputation of Washington.

“The administration of a country that violates international commitments of the previous administration (USA – Interfax), not credible” – quoted Rouhani Iranian news Agency “Tasneem”.

In мире16 Oct 2017Трамп said about the possibility of US withdrawal from the agreement on the Iranian nuclear programmaticaly read more

The President called any calls for Washington to reconsider the agreement “ridiculous.”

In his speech, Rouhani claimed Iran “to produce and store any weapon that we need to protect our territorial integrity”.

According to the President, Iran “missiles built, builds and will continue to do so.” He said that “it is not to violate any international procedures and is not contrary to the resolution (UNSC – if) 2231”.

In 2015, Iran and the six countries – Britain, China, Germany, Russia, USA and France – reached an agreement on the Iranian atom, which is allowed to withdraw from the Tehran international sanctions.

The US President Donald trump has repeatedly criticized a deal struck under his predecessor. October 13, trump announced that he would not certify Iranian compliance with the terms of this agreement.

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