“Some chaipat”: Solovyov accused Venediktov of harassment of employees VGTRK

Presenter Vladimir Solovyov said that the journalist of radio station “Echo of Moscow” Ksenia Larina attributed to him the words of others, accused of involvement in the attack on Tatiana Felgenhauer. In response Solovyov, in his words, “News” was just quoting Larin, but nothing was called. We will remind, the chief editor of “Echo” Alexei Venediktov “evacuated” a journalist from the country, fearing that the next time will attack it.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Solovyov said that the tragedy of Ukraine was the fault of a madman, so look for a political motive here indecent, writes kp.ru. He denied any appeals, stating, that appeals to illegal actions contrary to his beliefs.

“Anyone who looks at my program and listens to my radio broadcasts, knows that I strongly oppose cake in the face, brilliant green eyes and interference in private life”, – said the presenter.

Recall that Larina after the attack on Felgengauer suggested that “Solovyov wanted”, Recalling his phrase “Who shut up their filthy mouths?”. Many journalists recalled two story on RTR at the beginning of October, dedicated to “exposing” the “Echo of Moscow”.

Read the article “Leading “Echo” Xenia Larin evacuated abroad because of the air Solovyov”

Solovyov also said that “some people just chaipat” (i.e. use the hype around the event for their own purposes – ed.) to the tragedy of Ukraine. Venediktov in connection with his explanation of “evacuation” Larina broadcaster was accused of harassment of employees of VGTRK.

“Let it remain on their conscience,” let the host of “Full contact”, suggesting to remember, like “Echo” responded to the killing of journalists in the Donbass and the fall off in Syria Tu-154 with journalists and ensemble.

Anchor: meanwhile, thanked the journalists for the solidarity with a recovering stab Felgenhauer, adding: “Some pig snouts are not in the bill”.

I would also like to thank colleagues for their solidarity and sympathy to Tanya Felgenhauer (a few pig snouts does not count).

— Alexey Venediktov (@aavst) October 29, 2017

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