“The European Parliament has ruled out the possibility of recognizing the independence of Catalonia

– Chairman of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani has ruled out the possibility of recognition of independence of Catalonia, one of the members of the EU, said on Sunday Agency Associated Press.

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He said that “nobody ever” does not recognize the region announced its secession from Spain, as an independent state. He also called the last in Catalonia referendum illegal, and expressed hope for a speedy restoration of the rule of law. Tajani also said that the EU will not mediate in this conflict, because it is an internal affair of Spain.

On Friday, deputies of the Parliament of Catalonia voted for independence from Spain. Madrid following this decision suspended the government (Executive government) of Catalonia, dissolved the regional Parliament.

On Saturday, the Spanish authorities published a decree of the Prime Minister of the country Mariano Rajoy, in which Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria takes control of Catalonia. However, according to the Agency EFE, citing people familiar with the situation sources, suspended the government of Catalonia plan to try to continue.

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