“The number of victims of the terrorist attack in Somalia has risen to 23 people

– 23 people were victims of a terrorist attack in the Somali capital, including one child, injured at least 30, said on Sunday Agency Associated Press.

According to police reports, from the hotel, which captured terrorists were released about 30 people, including members of the government of Somalia. About how many people remained inside, not reported. It is also unknown how many militants are in the building; earlier it was reported, there were five of them, at least two killed during the RAID.

On Saturday evening, a suicide bomber detonated hidden in a car exploded outside the hotel, which is located near the presidential Palace of Somalia. Then, according to police, the accomplices of the terrorist took in hostages at least twenty people in the hotel. The shooting began, witnesses reported that they heard two more explosions.

Responsibility for the attack claimed by the radical Islamist group “Al-Shabab”. She is also credited with the previous attack in Mogadishu, which occurred on October 14; then the explosion killed 358 people.

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