“The plane MES delivered to Norway rescuers and equipment to search for the missing helicopter

The plane Il – 76 EMERCOM of Russia with rescuers and equipment landed in Norway to assist in finding a Russian helicopter that went missing near the island of Spitsbergen.

In the night of Sunday on Board the Il-76 EMERCOM of Russia landed at the airport of Svalbard. As part of the operational group of divers-rescuers state Central airmobile rescue team “Centrospas” and Center for rescue operations at particular risk “Leader” of EMERCOM of Russia.

In the world26 Oct 2017Обнародован the list of passengers and crew members crashed near Spitsbergen, Mi-8Читать read more

The Il-76 delivered in the area of conducting search and rescue operations necessary high-tech equipment produced in Russia, among which small-sized remotely operated underwater vehicle small class “Falcon” – a new generation device, designed to perform search operations in coastal or inland waters at depths up to 1 thousand meters. Rescuers equipped with a compressor equipment, motor boats, unique classes, diving gear and equipment necessary for the survey of underwater objects.

Helicopter Mi-8 of airline “Konvers Avia”, which was carrying five crew members and three employees of the research Institute of the Arctic and Antarctic, October 26, flew from abandoned settlement of Pyramid in Barentsburg. At 15:35 local time (16:35 GMT) in the rescue center received a report that a helicopter had gone, 10 minutes later, the fact of the accident was confirmed by the Governor of Svalbard. Upon the incident the North-Western investigatory management on transport SK the Russian Federation opened a criminal case.

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